When the school year ends, there is always this transition period for me where I don't know what to do with myself. Yesterday I was kind of feeling bored & down, like what am I going to do this summer? Teaching kids all day keeps me busy and gives my life a whole lot of meaning! The past week I was kind of feeling lost and unsure what to do with myself besides hit the gym and some classes. Yet yesterday, out of utter boredom, I started surfing the net. Found some gems!!! I started blogging last year in an education class. I got my classes blogging. Now this is a whole new spin - blogging about running. I'm addicted! I've read so many blogs today, and I'm hooked!

It is now sure nice to NOT get up at 4:47 am to run!! Now I can sleep in, get up when I want and resume a nice 9am or 10am run after reading some blogs. Did it today! I liked this routine.

Favorite blog today: Pieces of Me (http://piecesofme1.blogspot.com/) Whoa, I feel like I am on the beach reading an addictive book. It's a great blog!!

Next goal - I want to run outside more! I have been a treadmill slave for the past 6 months.

I'm just happy to have found some entertainment and I'm digging blogging about running instead of technology and math! A nice break.

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  1. Blogging about running is addicting! It keeps me on track and motivated as well.

    To get my splits I have a Garmin and love it. It has really helped me become a better runner. I had a Nike+ but I could never get it right.