No running today!

I didn't run today. It wasn't bad. I think everything else is really boring but I took an abs class and did the elliptical. My legs from lunges (was it Monday?) still are burning when I put weight on them and the instructor was calling it legs day in the ABS class!! Legs were screaming.

I had to go to school today to do some curriculum writing, and due to my extreme boredom and lack of purpose lately, it felt good to go to work! I have trouble transitioning from being busy every hour of the day to having tons of free time. I made a goal list of things to accomplish in the next 2 months! I think it is exactly 2 months today that school starts again for teachers. It is refreshing to have time to do some hobbies, because there is never time during the year. I'm going to try to work on a running quilt. It will look ghetto though, because I just learned to sew last summer and I'm not good. Anyone tried it? What do you do to cross train? Aiming for a longer run tomorrow morning, then we go away for the weekend to celebrate the anniversary!


  1. I hate cross training too :-/ For now I'm sticking to the stationary bike. I go through these weird phases of crossing training :P Like last year I was big on the rower and elliptical and now this year is the bike. Who the heck knows what's in store for me next year. Swimming? LOL

  2. right now i am training with team to end stroke (which is like team in training) and with that we had 2 free consults with a nutrionist, so thats how we have found her. it was really awesome talking to someone and making sure we were getting the right foods, vitamins, etc. plus we had our body comp taken in feb then again at the end of may so it was fun to see the change. she didnt really focus on actual calorie counts or anything but more so just getting quality foods and enough protein, fat, etc.

    my husband was running with me, but he got hurt (achellies tendonitis) and had to take time off, so he has been trying to catch back up in training. i am not sure if he will be doing the 20 miler this weekend or not... he may just go on his own incase he needs to cut it short.

    haha sorry about the loooong comment :) have a great anniversary weekend!!!

  3. It must be nice to have summers free, my friend is a teacher and she goes back to MN to see family every summer for a month. I have to get excited for a four-day weekend here and there.

    Good luck with the running quilt. I wish I could sew but never learned beyond home ec classes in middle school.

  4. It must be weird to know you have 2 months off from work or at least being accountable to work.

    For cross training I go to spinnng class. I really enjoy it. It gives my legs a break from the pounding and since it is inside it gives me a break from the heat.

    The running quilt sounds great. You'll have to post pictures.