I haven't ran a race since May 17th, and prior to that, I was racing every weekend since the end of March. I kind of feel bored without having a race to train for every weekend.

In every race that I ran this spring starting in March, I had PRs going for me. It was a great racing season where my fastest split came in a 5k (7:30) and "slowest" in the Broad Street Run (7:52). I'm attached to Broad Street, it was my first race 4 years ago, and I was super excited with my Broad Street time (1:18) after having done the race in the past several years. I was hoping for a finish of 1:19:59 so I was thrilled! Now though I am itching to race, there aren't too many races during the hot summer - and I'm not as motivated to race when its hot and humid out. What a great spring it was - weather wise - for racing.

I did sign up for the Philly Distance Run in September so I'm looking ahead to this, which may well be my next race. If you haven't done it, there are great amenities. The expo is well organized and you can get in and out (can't say the same about the Philly marathon!), they give you nice treats when you finish and my favorite part is the medal - liberty bell last year and heavy!! Not a cheapo medal. It's great! Here are my top 5 races below. Looking forward to fall running season.

1. Philly Distance Run (9/2007, 1:55:41, I think I can beat that!)
2. Broad Street Run (5/2008, 1:18:52 PR!)
3. Cherry Blossom (4/2008, 1:22:12)
4. Ocean Drive 10 miler (3/2008, 1:24:11)
5. Wilmington 1/2 marathon (3/2008, 2:01:16, O.K.-->it was freezing!!)

For me, running is my therapy. I don't run everyday, but I run most days. I log from
30-40 miles a week and track them in the runners world free log (www.runnersworld.com/log). The days that I don't run or times when I don't run first thing, I'm a bit of a cranky person. Hopefully I'll bite the bullet and run in a hot race soon or keep the training going and motivation up!

Happy running!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I feel the same about running. If I miss a run when I have one planned, my entire day feels off.

    You're fast! Way to go with all the races.