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Welcome to my blog! I started running in 2004 when I needed something to train for. After having competed in various sports in high school and 2 years of rowing crew in college, it was time to feel like I was a part of something fun. My friend Nicole had started running marathons and I wanted the challenge. My first marathon was Steamtown marathon in PA in 2004. From there, I completed the NYC marathon in 2006, Philadelphia in 2007, and the Boston marathon in 2009. I also enjoy half marathons, 10 milers and the occasional 5k or 10k. My favorite distance to run is 10 miles.

I ran through my pregnancy from June 2008 to February 2009 when my husband, Bill, and I delivered a healthy baby boy. This blog documents my runs through my pregnancy and postpartum as well as cross training workouts and nutrition. You can check out the archives for weekly info on running through my pregnancy with baby Nick. I was pregnant from June 2008 to February 2009. My biggest accomplishment so far (besides the successful birth of my son amidst many fears of that whole thing) has been running the Boston marathon 10 weeks postpartum. That was awesome!

It was a long day for Nicky!

While I started this as a running blog, it has transformed into a healthy eating, baby and running blog. While I am staying home with baby Nick, I have taken more time to buy and make healthy foods. You will see some food posts here and random musings as I go about my life, transitioning through different phases. Enjoy reading! I love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me (tosha25italia@yahoo.com) with questions or thoughts anytime.

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