9 miles this week and spin

This week I ran only 9 miles total!  I didn't miss it one bit, I'm not going to lie.  Here's what my week looked like:

Monday - yoga
Tuesday - run 5 miles and abs/strength
Wednesday - swim 4000 yards and Jillian's ab workout
Thursday - spin class 14.6 miles - awesome, run 1.6 miles and strength
Friday - swim 3700 yards and Jillian's abs
Saturday - bike 21.1 at spin class (Awesome #2) and run 2.3 miles after
Sunday - off day

I went to another spin class today - it was an hour long and awesome. I was dripping sweat. I'm starting to actually really like it! The time flies by.  Today's instructor was a woman that I swim with. I didn't even know she taught spin and she was an insane instructor (in a good way).  I feel like I'm getting better at it for sure. The other class I was going to sucked!! (I realize that now).  I feel like I want to get my yoga or exercise class certification and teach classes.  I don't know what all that entails but I think it would be cool.

I had to send my last 6 weeks of training to my coach for marathon training. I'm kind of wondering why I am running a marathon this fall (or 2? what?) because I can tell I need to lay off the running. I am keeping my hand in it for whatever reason but it would be nice to drop it for a while. I'm going to continue to take it easy and pick it up mid June I think.  Here was my last 6 weeks of training, I didn't realize I was working so hard (for me!)

April 18- April 24
April 17 (local sprint triathlon- 1st ever)
Monday (off) run 1 mile
Tuesday run  8 miles morning, 4 miles afternoon - speedwork
Wednesday  swim 4000 yards (masters team), run 2 miles easy
Thursday run 11 miles  - tempo included
Friday swim 4000 yards, abs and strength
Sat – run 8 miles easy
Sun off
April 25-May 1
Mon swim 4000 yards, abs and strength
Tues run 8.5 miles mini speedwork session
Wednesday swim 1000 run 6 miles easy
Thurs run 8.5 miles small tempo run
Friday swim 4000 yards, abs and strength
Saturday run 2 miles
Sunday Broad Street Run 10 miles 
1:20:00– not what I was hoping for – got all hyped up and got stomach issues
May 2- May 8
Monday Run 2 miles
Tuesday Run 7 miles
Wednesday run 5 miles swim 3500 yards, abs and strength
Thursday run 9 miles
Friday swim 4000 yards, abs and strength
Saturday run 10 miles long run
May 9 – May 15
Monday swim 4000 yards, abs and strength
Tuesday run 7 and 3.5  - easy  - morning and afternoon
Wednesday run 4, bike 12.5 (spin class)
Thursday run 10 easy
Friday Swim 4000 yards, abs and strength
Saturday – 10k race (48:xx happy with my time, not PR) and easy 2 miles
May 16- May 22
Monday swim 4000 yards, abs and strength
Tuesday run 8 miles  easy with mini speedwork
Wednesday  run 3 miles easy bike 10.8 miles, abs and strength
Thursday run 9 miles
Friday swim 4000 yards
Saturday bike 14.6 miles run ½ mile
Sunday 13.1 race (1:54:xx) Sucked – weak legs -bad idea to bike the day before)


  1. "I've been working hard, for me" - Natalie - you've been working hard full stop!
    I'm glad you've found a good spin class - it's great to be told what to do for a change rather than have to self-motivate.
    I'd love to do my qualifications in pilates and other classes too!
    Enjoy your time off running - it'll do your body good.

  2. I'm sure a break is what you need right before you start training hard again.

  3. glad you're liking spin! wondering if you were able to ride in CT this weekend?

  4. Wow! That's a LOT of workouts!!