A turn around on the bike? & QUINOA!

Since I'm not running this week, and took off on Monday, I swam yesterday (when I usually do a spin class) and did a spin class this morning. It was a different instructor and WHOA!!! totally different experience. The Wednesday class was an overweight instructor and full class but I never felt like I was getting a real workout and looking around, I wasn't looking at fit people either. It wasn't motivating and I felt like anyone could do this class.   Back to today, it was great! I was working it. Instead of 10 or 11 miles in the 40-45 minutes I got done 14.5, it was a great workout, mostly doing sprints (never done them), riding in the 2 and 3 position (learned positions today) and sprints "jogging." I'm into going to that class again!  I've only ran 5 miles this week and I got a deep tissue massage. Recovery week and I'm enjoying it. I'll start running again next week at some point, maybe.  After today's spin I am feeling a bit better about the Olympic distance but I will decide the week of the race (if I can, I didn't really look into it).

Let's talk about food. I've been doing well counting calories and using fitday. It is still crazy to see that I'm deficient in Vitamin D and Calcium on a regular basis - I use supplements for these. My goal is under 1800 calories and it hasn't been that difficult but it's amazing to see that I was probably eating more like 2200-2500.  I haven't been starving or denying myself but I have been a bit tired. We'll see how it goes.

I saw this link from HEAB's blog for Desi's millet porridge and I made it into Quinoa porridge for 3 this morning easily. First I followed Heather's directions to make Quinoa Flour then followed Desi's millet porridge recipe. Yum!!

1/2 cup ground quinoa
1 cups water
1 cups unsweetened almond milk (I used coconut)
splash of vanilla extract
maple syrup to taste
pureed squash

Follow Desi's directions - they are really good.
Boil the water and milk then slowly stir in the quinoa - stirring constantly. Continue to stir till it thickens then pour into the bowl and add toppings - I used a pureed squash cube and 1/2 T maple syrup, cinnamon and flaxseeds ground. 

I also made this last night to go with dinner - coconut roti using ground quinoa. No pictures but check out the link! 

Race pics. Niceeee.
Where is mile 13?

Thank god that S**ts over!!

Why am I not in bed?

Dear God. Am I done yet?

I think I just pooped my pants.


  1. Your race pics are great! Sometimes it's nice to have some that actually show how hard you were working!

  2. Natalie, those pictures are making me drool! I MUST make the quinoa version asap! And adding squash? You unknowingly have unlocked the key to my heart. Seriously good idea. :)
    xo Desi

  3. The spin class you just described sounds like a proper class. My dvd is like that - really hard work!
    Good idea for the quinoa.
    Great pics - even funnier captions!
    Enjoy your rest week.

  4. Just a thought....if you're getting outside during the day you probably aren't deficient in Vit D! And love the captions....hilarious!!!

  5. You certainly look like you are working your tail off in these! The captions crack me up!!!

  6. I'll have to try the pouridge.....what a great way to sneak in some squash for Ethan ;-)