Broad Street '11

I had all my stuff in order for this morning yesterday afternoon. Ever since having Nick, I'm usually a total last minute person, charging my Garmin overnight, the iPod, grabbing my outfit, etc. Yesterday I was gearing up and ready to go. For the past 4 months I've had the 1:15 in my head.  I didn't even list a B or C goal but had them in my head of course. The C goal was sub 1:20. My PR for 10 miles is 1:18:54.

Today's time was 1:20:02/1:20:00 - both are showing up in the results.  Either way, no goals met for me.

I started off this morning with the same routine I did for the last race. I had a cup of coffee w/ almond milk, 1/2 an english muffin with pb & J and a couple of nut balls (nuts, maple syrup, oatmeal, coconut oil). I was really nervous this morning and thinking that I wished my sister was running too! She came and ran the last 1/2 marathon with me and I would have been nervous with my first real race back if she wasn't there. She was running Big Sur today and did awesome (4:27 - her goal was 4:30)! And congrats to Miranda on the 4:19 - first marathon, awesome job!!   I have the luxury of my dad dropping me off at the start. I decided to leave Kara at home and bring Nick with me. I was excited to have Nick see me run.  I got there at 7:30 and warmed up a bit.   I knew about 20 people running the race and did not even see one of them!  I was nervous at the start. Ugh. Annoying! I saw Cecily Tynan warming up. I want to be her - anchor for local Channel 6 Action News.  She's 40+, has 2 kids, and is in amazing shape. She ran a 1:03.

I started off and was happy with my pace and felt good, first mile was 7:13. I couldn't feel my hip/leg at all - thank you Dr. Kelli!! The second mile was just ok, I started thinking it would be good if it was only a 5k.  I just didn't feel strong. Mile 2: 7:22. Between miles 2 and 3, I starting getting a horrible cramp and my stomach was bothering me. I don't know if it was nerves, something I ate... not sure, but not comfortable. Mile 3: 7:43. I kept plugging along but once I saw I was off the 7:30 goal pace, I was not happy and giving up.   Mile 4 was 7:52. I started feeling hot (it was high 50s by this time and got warm quickly), my stomach was bothering me, and I didn't feel like being there anymore. I wasn't having fun but trying to!

I guess mile 5 is where it all went downhill. I started slowing down and could not go any faster. I felt like I wasn't in shape to run 7:30, my stomach hurt, I was warm.  8:22, then 8:25. I took 2 Recovery e21 tablets around mile 6.  I was pissed. I was trying hard to get my head into it and knew I didn't have much more to go, but I had nothing in me. I don't know what the problem was.  I just didn't feel good. Mile 7: 8:08, Mile 8:8:25, mile 9: 8:15. I could not go any faster and knew I was at the end. Ugh!!
The last mile was 8:07.  I tried the best that I could but I could not WAIT to be done.  I saw the 1:19 on the clock and tried so hard to beat the 1:20 but came in just above it. I was so happy to be done, even though I was very disappointed in the day.

I'm over it now! I'm really happy that I signed up for the Oddyssey Half in 3 weeks and will get back into the game. Some pics:

Woke up Nick to come cheer me on

used my awesome sign from build-a-sign and spotted them easily when running by!
Also Nick is sporting a cafe press RUN MOMMY RUN shirt

not a flattering pic but I was telling Nick to check out the medal so he'd let me hold him

Lightning McQueen slide! He loved it!

Meltdown because he didn't understand the whole waiting
in line thing to go again
My parents

w/ my dad and Nick w/ pretzel to contain meltdown

w/ my mom- she wanted the sign in every picture :)

back at the car, all done!

and back home, w/ baby Kara
and I always wear my race shirt after finishing the race


  1. Some days are just off. It's so annoying when you can't pinpoint a reason. It was still a good race though. You were training with 2 unser tow all winter. That deserves a medal right there.

    So you are doing the Oddyssey half? Ok, that seals the deal. I'm in too. I told my mom about it, and she's been bugging me to do it. She was disappointed I didn't come up for Broad Street.

    Let's make this the redemption race.

  2. One of the guys who designs races for GOALS works at ABC, so he often gets Cecily Tynan to come out to our events. I'm not sure if she's ever actually done one of the adventure races, but she's killed some of the trail runs. Definitely impressive!

  3. I think it's days like that that make running one of the toughest mental sports out there. I mean, if you're having an off day during say, a baseball or basketball game, then the coach can just put another player in, and your team still wins. But running is all you.
    Some days aren't as great as others, and that sucks. But the important thing is that you are already focusing on your next race and you are moving on. That clearly shows that you are mentally, as well as physically strong.
    So congrats on running the race, and even more congrats for gearing up for the next one! :)

  4. Keep that chin up girl - still a good race, despite not hitting your goals! :)

  5. Go, Natalie! LOVED the race report with all the pictures. I still think you did awesome even if you are mad about missing sub-1:20 by a second! So happy to hear the leg behaved, but how annoying about the stomach issues. And I totally agree with you how amazing Cecily is at running.

  6. Keep your head up! Some days are just off days! I know you didn't meet your goal but you still did great! Your parents are so cute with wanting the sign in everything!

  7. Ummm . . hello? You're 30, have two kids, and are in incredible shape . . . . . . and you're 10 YEARS YOUNGER than Cecily!! You're already out there making it happen! Tough races are the worst, but it's a stepping stone to a really good next 1/2, right?? :) 1:20 is still VERY good!

  8. great pictures! I'm sorry you didn't feel like you ran good, but I still think you had a great time!

  9. Aw, sorry that it turned out to be such a tough day! Way to push through.

  10. sorry it didn't turn out the way you wanted it too. running gods can be fickle. great job regardless.

  11. Congrats again on a race well-run, even if it fell short of your expectations.

    For me, when I put pressure on a race to be my "A" race, I almost always end up not fulfilling my goals. Then, in races where I have no goals, I end up doing my best. Sometimes, removign the pressure an anxiety go a long way in helping to improve performance. At least, that's true for me.

  12. So sorry that you didn't meet your goal time, but some days are just off.. I loved your post, especially your reference to Cecily! I used to live in Swarthmore, Delaware County so Action News is my fave! I think she is great, all around! She smoked me last year at the Tim Kerr Avalon Run... I saw her on the way back from Stone Harbor while I was still in Avalon!

    This is my first year not driving up to run Broad Street, so I loved your recap. Keep at it!

  13. such great support from your family and kids! they are all so cute! great job!