Hello formula, goodbye cleavage

2 days ago was Kara's first day of formula. I was nervous because basically I have only a few ounces of stored milk left and I should have done it earlier but I was trying hard to wait till 10 months for the formula. I'm a little crazy about it. At least she had the breast milk for as long as she did. Formula is just fine, I just get weird about it. Anyway, she did fine on it. The first few bottles I did half and half and then just plain formula and she was fine.

Since she has no hair, my latest obsession is headbands. I had a Bondi band that was just too tight for my head and I cut it and tied it to fit Kara's. It's hard to see but super cute!  The second picture is a different headband that came with the outfit. I wear Bondi bands all the time and I'm hoping it tricks people into thinking she might look like me with the headband. Right?

Ever since nursing ended, my boobs deflated. I now have the chest of a 9-year old, maybe 12-year old if I'm lucky. It was a nice 3 year run of being pregnant, breastfeeding then pregnant and breastfeeding. It might be worth it to try to get pregnant again to take care of this problem? It's horrendous!!

On the training front, the weather has been just absolutely perfect this week. 50s in the morning, 70s in the afternoon and 50s at night.  I went to the track workout on Tuesday morning and was LOVING the weather. I was dying to go outside to run on Thursday but couldn't motivate to run trails with the faster group. I was so close but just couldn't do it. And I wanted to run outside so bad, but was afraid to run alone at 5:30 in the morning.   Do you? I think without kids I would not have questioned it, but now I question everything that might put me at risk. I found a solution and there is a runner in the group I joined that lives near me, and we are going to run next Thursday morning. Yippee!!  Do you run alone? Do you feel safe doing so? What time of day? I don't mind running alone in the middle of the day on busy roads with sidewalks.

I am hoping to get out on the bike this weekend for a one hour to 1.5 hour ride. I am not looking forward to it and think my main lack of motivation stems from 1) fear of riding on the roads and 2) uncertainty of where to ride. I am thinking of just going to bike the trail that I usually run into the city.
Anyone want to join me?

I've been kind of in a funk but had some decent workouts this week, including speedwork and a good swim. The rest of my workouts were just ok! I signed up for a 10k this weekend and I'm curious to see how I do and if I can beat my pre-pregnancy time from 2008 when I considered myself in top running shape.  I'll report back on that! Next weekend is a half marathon then I'm off until the triathlon June 26.

Yep, if you are looking for a crazy PMS recipe, I've found this and it is deadly.
 FYI you do not even need the brown sugar, the 10x is strong enough.


  1. Hope that just means you're back to baseline...? Right?

  2. I run alone at 5am all the time. I am in a pretty rural area though so I guess it's a little different. of course if something did happen I doubt anyone would be around to notice either. It is either run alone or run on the treadmill in our basement so I'll take my chances. It is better now that it isn't dark at that hour but I did it with a headlamp all winter too. Just takes a little getting used to.

  3. yeah, i totally feel your pain on the boob deflation. i went from a porn starish DD to barely an A, which is a full cup size smaller than prepregnancy :( thinking about getting a boob job in a couple years, they are SAD!

  4. Yeah, the boobs are never the same again. I never understood boob jobs before, but now I see why women do it after children.

  5. I love the headbands!

    " I don't mind running alone in the middle of the day on busy roads with sidewalks." - This is me too. Just a good idea all around, especially now that you have kids.

  6. i know what you mean about formula...it's fine, but it's hard to make the transition mentally. i agree you should ride someplace you know. or ride one of your 20 mile run routes. have fun!!!

  7. My boobs are gone too! I don't even know what to do about a bra. I got an A cup from Target, and that's too big. I guess I could shop in the junior department?

  8. Kara is SO pretty natalie!

  9. Loved the title - made me laugh!!!!
    Kara is just gorgeous - love the headbands!. Murray's hair is crazy at the mo - long in parts and just fuzz in other areas!!!!
    I think I would be scared to run in town at that time.
    My boobs did get slightly better ater about a month. Not any bigger, but slightly more pert, so maybe in a month or so it might not be quite so deflated looking. I was tiny pre preggers so I guess going back to teeny isn't as much of a shock as going smaller than before.
    @ xcountry 2 - I hear your dilema!!!!

  10. I do run alone, but during the day, not at night. I go run in a local forest and I'm more scared of the snakes than anything else. It's a busy forest, I always meet hikers and bikers so I feel that if I was to hurt myself there would be someone there.
    However I do always call my husband tell him my route with my ETA and call him back when I'm done.

  11. Oh my gosh! I laughed my head off reading this post because I can SO relate!! After I stopped nursing my 2nd baby my boobs deflated so bad they were nothing but little flaps of skin. It was nuts! I told my husband I was getting a boob job and he was like, just get pregnant again, then you get a boob job for free. lol! So yeah, eventually I did get pregos again and now I'm nursing my baby (he's 4 months old) and I'm thrilled to have boobs again but dreading the day when I stop nursing and they go flat. It is seriously such a bummer! Anyway, you're great and I always enjoy your blog even though I'm a slacker and never comment. : )

  12. ahhh, yes, no boobs!! well the thing I look forward to not nursing is it's nicer to be flat chested for running purposes!

  13. Headbands are a great solution for bald headed baby girls! She looks cute.