Rock star jumps

Check out the rock star jumps midway through. I am unable to do these things! I think I think I'm going to fall. They are intense! The shred was much easier to do with weights instead of using Nick (when I could) - he is heavy!! (It became a little much holding Nick when they were doing punches, so I had to use no weights since I was away). This is just awesome they are on Youtube!! Is there another level or just three levels?


  1. There is only 3 on that particular video, but yay for the free hookup! I struggle with the rock star jumps too since all I seem to accomplish is almost kicking the chair and making a lot of racket.

  2. just three levels! I need to remember to incorporate a lot of her exercises into my routine... I like a lot of them!

  3. I didn't know these were on utube!! I have to check these out!

  4. Thanks for the hook up, i'll have to check them out! Everything is on you tube now! :) sweeettt