Ah, my workouts really are a struggle lately. Yesterday I just didn't feel like finishing the 4 50s that were left in the set on the board and felt good enough just getting in 3000yds. Usually I'm one to do more than what is on the board. Running - I wake up on the days that I run and just dread it.
What's going on? The weather? Lack of baby naps? Confusion over staying at home for a year? Eesh.

If you make the green monsters with banana, you totally can't taste the greens.
I used 1/2 c kale, 1/2 c spinach, a banana and a cup of almond/skim milk mixed and it was good!

Yesterday I followed this recipe for Anzac cookies after Lizzie told me she would make some for the bake sale (still taking donations!) but it was very crumbly, and due to Nick's non napping, it was interrupted too. I made 3 that stuck together and then I just started adding things to the bowl of crumbles and made it into a bar w/ pumpkin, cranberries and flax. The cookies were delicious, the bread is interesting.

And while I was swimming and hungry I wanted some black bean brownies. I took the easy way out and got a box of brownie mix from my mom's cupboard, added a can of black beans and a can of water (the beans food processed) and these are really good! You totally can't tell! Bill thought they had tofu in them. The consistency looks different and they look very fudgy/moist but they are good!!


  1. wait? you put black beans in your brownies? hmmm thats very interesting. miss picky pants would not eat that! ha ha ha

    i hope nick quits being a lil bugger and naps for you soon. i've been exhausted and cranky all week. maybe its the lack in nice weather? i'll blame mother nature!

  2. I am totally with you on the no motivation front. I blame it on the weather and the treadmill.

    What swim workout schedule do you follow? I'd love to get back into swimming... haven't really been in a rhythm with it since the triathlon. Send recommendations!

  3. Sometimes, mojo just disappears for awhile. Maybe take a break form running for a week and see if that restores your interest and motivation.

    When I make the green smoothies with berries, they do indeed come out pink or at least reddish in color, and no, you can't taste the spinach. I like to use frozen fruit -- easy to store and it replaces ice cubes. There's a gazillion variations on smoothies, so it's fun to experiment with different stuff.

  4. I have heard about black bean brownies. Sounds quite interesting!

  5. Maybe you just need to take a little break or cut back a little. You got right back into things so quickly after the pregnancy...wait, you never stopped!!

  6. Have you tried No Pudge brownie mix? Know how much you love to cook from scratch, but for when you're in a hurry a la black bean brownie, these are pretty good.

  7. i'm just starting to find my motivation! summer...yeah, the horrible weather has NOT helped anything. i should try spinach...i'm eating a smoothie right now but really, the thought of adding spinach (even though i NEED to eat more veggies) is kinda gross. i think i'll buy spinach and try it next week. you just put it in and blend it up and it's not leafy or anything?

  8. you have been on baking streak lately and so creative too, it's very inspiring

  9. Half of me agrees with Denise, that maybe a break is a good idea... And then the other half of me that getting into a training schedule with the goal of a particular race would give you some direction... Hmm... Steamtown? :)

  10. Sounds like you are a little burnt out. Give yourself a little break from the physical stuff but take that time to put together a plan and get excited to hit your training goals.

    And you asked about the avocado. I just mashed a fresh one up with a spoon for Zach. He loves it - a lot.

  11. Wow, just the beans and water added to the mix? No oil or egg? I might have to try this...

    Your blog is inspiring to me! I was 3/4 way through training for my first half marathon when I got pregnant. Now baby is 10 months old and I'm just now getting back with running. Starting all over, on week 7 of the C25k program. I hope to keep running throughout the next pregnancy!