Sneaker Deal!

I happened to check out my email from Running Warehouse and they had top shoes of 2009 for $59.99! It was my special day, because my top shoe - Mizuno Wave Rider was on there! I ordered 2 in each color they had! Was that nuts?? Usually I pay about 90 bucks and I always order the same shoes so I'm pretty thrilled. Free shipping and free return shipping. I love that place!!

Check out the sale here.

I've been hearing from alot of pregnant runners lately and I wrote some articles back in the summer about the trimesters - do you have anything to add? These are on my examiner site.

Trimester 1
Trimester 2
Trimester 3

Thanks for the thoughts about the headaches of yesterday's post. It is so funny because if someone puts an idea into my head then I think that is what is going on. So right now I think it is hormones and that they will level out soon enough. I had a great run this morning, after taking off yesterday and doing some light yoga. It was good to sleep in and take the day off. I slept in all weekend (till 7:30/8) - remember when sleeping in was like 10/11 am? Hah - the day is half over!
I can't wait for spring and warmer weather!

Does this look tacky? Should I just go with the carter's BIRTHDAY BOY shirt?


  1. Thank you so much for posting this!! I've been trying to snag a pair of last year's shoes on sale and they're always out of my I got some! :)

  2. ahh! thanks for sharing this :) i'm bad about deleting web-store emails...

    i have been running in the wave rider 12's too and definitely will stock up!

  3. Thanks for the articles! You've inspired me by running all the way through your 1st pregnancy. I can't believe how many miles/week you did!

    The main thing I've found in the 3rd trimester is that I can't run 2 days in a row anymore. I've backed down to 2-3 runs a week with 3 days of cross training because the breaks make my runs MUCH better!

  4. Thanks for the link.. I think the shirt is BOLD and cute. UGH hormones!!!

  5. I am going to share this link with my readers and give you credit..

    Maybe I should do some shopping first.. LOL!!

  6. I love the shirt! I think its adorable!!!!! :)

    Nice steal on shoes! I need to check that sale out!

  7. I absolutely love that shirt! It is adorable! What an amazing deal on the shoes :-)

  8. You were totally justified in buying all those shoes... great deal, esp if you already know they work for you!!!

    Very very cute shirt! Love it

  9. I love finding good sneakers on sale! I really hate paying full price for them. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for the tip on the running shoe sale! I am a first-time visitor to your have some great content on it. Keep up the good work.

  11. I was wondering how you linked the latest stats powered by Runner's World on your blog. I am new to blogging and would like to add this to mine.
    You can email me or just send a message back.

  12. Those look like some awesome deals - definitely worthwhile to order two pairs!

  13. Thanks for the heads up on the to check it out now!

  14. Love the shirt - use that one! :)

  15. Great sale!

    You will level out and the headaches will go bye-bye!

    Can you put the blue background behind the entire number 1?

  16. I sort of lost your blog for awhile but re-found it via Mama Simmons. Congrats on #2! I am studying your party plans since my guy will be 1 in March. I am so impressed with your ability to run so well both during pregnancy and postpartum. I am almost 10 months out and still struggling with issues from pregnancy and delivery. I will get there but it's nice to have inspiration and hope that next time around it might go a little better.