eating well

Eating well means feeding this guy well!

Thank you for all of your advice for training. I'll see how I'm doing and decide from there. Right now running 20 (possibly alone) sounds like something I'm not going to do. I'm not tooo concerned right now, since all I want to do is finish. It is kind of nice not having the pressure.

I have been eating pretty well. My main crap time is dinner and after dinner.

Breakfast has been oatmeal, pb, flax and wheatgerm. I don't know if I need both of those but it adds different flavors. The only bad thing is by the time I get downstairs to eat (after feeding, changing Nick and changing myself) I am ravenous. I start getting the stuff together for oatmeal and eat scoops of peanut butter while I wait for the oatmeal to cook. Very bad. I think once the naturally nutty is gone (1 jar left - but I did give 3 away, still, yikes) - I will do better. After breakfast I don't really eat meals, I just eat when hungry - not a priority right now! Ha.

So I'll eat maybe a balance, power or luna bar. And the new flavor for Luna is White Chocolate Macadamia - it is so good!! I've been making smoothies as well. And I'll eat a mixture of Kashi cereal with cranberries and almonds.

Dinner has been whatever I can throw together - I need help with this. There's always some kind of veggie and protein (veggie burgers, tofu, fake chicken patty, etc - boca/gardenburger stuff). Some nights a grain - pasta/bulgar/couscous.
I always get out the recipe books and they SIT there.
Boca burgers, cheese, pasta, mushrooms, sweet potatoes (thanks for THOSE recipes, I chopped them up with olive oil and baked them tonight - really good!) And with ketchup XC2!

Not sure that I'm eating enough or if I just want a dessert after dinner so I've been eating GS cookies, Trader Joe's Joe Joe cookies - a mix of them. I may start eating a Luna Bar for some extra sweetness. Oh, some nights I have more peanut butter or almond butter.

Then - the middle of the night when I get up to feed Nick, I started telling myself that I'm hungry. Sadly, I keep granola bars in the nursery. I need to move them and just drink water.
I really don't think I'm hungry at that hour. I guess just since I am awake. Isn't it weird how when we are sleeping we don't need to eat? How much work is my body actually doing making milk? I don't think that I need all that more calories because I'm really not starving at anytime (besides breakfast)...

So overall, doing pretty well with the nutrition but would like to rev up the dinner.

It would be great to be able to order from a menu of healthy organic foods every night. For free.


  1. You are doing a great job eating well considering you have a one month old. I'm pretty sure I ate ice cream, chocolate and whatever else I could grab the first three months.

  2. isn't is weird to think just a few months ago we were obsessing and now...we're SO not the priority! you're doing fine. glad i'm not the only pb addict!!

  3. I think you are doing a great job with eating. You are busy busy busy, so don't be too hard on yourself!

  4. He is SO cute! And good motivation to eat well! We've been doing pretty well over here with a plant based diet... Meaning lunch and dinner are primarily plant based foods (veggies, beans, nuts, grains, etc). I think it's helped my energy level tremendously! :)

  5. Your running and taking care of a baby, maybe you are hungrier than normal. Nights are hard for me, too. I just don't keep anything in the house, that way I can't eat it!

    I would definitely run 20 with you if you want some company, just let me know.

    And I'm the same way w/ peanut butter. I was doing so well b/c I didn't have any at home. I bought some the other night to make a sandwich for this wknd, and I immediately opened it and had some. Ugh.

  6. you are doing GREAT! I know my friends that are new moms have a really hard time with their eating... both in having time to eat and then choosing something healthy. you are doing awesome :)

  7. The sweet potatos+ketchup was good, wasn't it! :o)

    I think you're doing really great with health and fitness. For me, if I put something in a bowl or on a plate, that helps me feel like it was a meal. A time to start and stop eating. Otherwise it's munch munch munch.

  8. You are eating well. Someimes I get in a dinner rut and need new meals. Stuffed zucchini is always good when needing a fix or a pasta and vegtable tossed in with (chicken, tofu).

  9. For the first month or two after Claire was born, I was hungry all the time and snacked on All Bran bars and a trail mix of peanuts, raisens, and M&Ms. I also drank an oatmeal drink they have here. Plenty of fruit too. Don't worry too much right now about eating because your body is probably figuring out what it needs to keep up with feeding Nick. You'll hit a balance and know.

    As for meals, I've started freezing some of our favorite pastas (lasagna, homemade mac and cheese, chicken tetrazzini) and soups (black bean, cheddar broccoli potato, Asian chicken noodle). I also do some prep work for meals and freeze that (chop up chicken breasts for tacos or salads). It takes time and planning but I've found it's sooo nice to know that of our weeknight meals, I can just thaw two or three and only have to cook a veggie.

    You're really doing well. Enjoy, enjoy.

  10. You sound like you're eating pretty well and getting a variety of foods. Doesn't breast feeding burn a lot of calories/day? I thought I heard that somewhere. Plus you're ramping your training so you should be extra hungry and you have some wiggle room!

  11. You sound like you're eating pretty well and getting a variety of foods. Doesn't breast feeding burn a lot of calories/day? I thought I heard that somewhere. Plus you're ramping your training so you should be extra hungry and you have some wiggle room!

  12. I personally don't have any experience, but I have read that the average woman burns around an extra 300 cal per day while breast feeding. So add that on to your training and it's no wonder you may be a little hungry when you wake up to feed him.

    You're doing so great though. If you're not hungry, you're not hungry. You seem to have a lot of energy, so you must be eating the right stuff.