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Today, I don't want to run. I ran the last 3 days and tomorrow is going to be a long run. I don't know what to do with myself. Yoga? Wii fit? Lift the baby exercises? What is a good workout prior to a long run? I'm a bit stuck since I can't take Nick to the gym yet and haven't joined the Y to swim yet. Hm. ANy ideas? I can't seem to brave the Y's high fees when my gym is closer and less expensive. The only plus is they have a pool and my parents live 2 minutes away so they would watch Nick when we/ I work out.

Tomorrow I'm meeting Abby to do 14 miles, maybe more, but doubtful. I'm nervous - not about the distance but the logistics and how my night goes! I may be a zombie in the morning! Also I'm planning to pump before and after - is this my best bet? I may feed Nick around 6 or 7 and meet to run at 8:30. Do I need to pump right before running, say it will take 2 to 2.5 hours. Let me know your thoughts mamas out there. I'm totally nervous about the logistics but am excited to go do a long run outside!

I decided I'm going to try(key word) to cook 3-4 meals on Sunday for the week. If you have any good ones (healthy and don't have to be veggie but those are preferred!) please share!

Have a great weekend to all!


  1. If after your last feeding it will be 4 hours or less until you can pump/feed again, then I would just go for the run. If it is going to be longer than 4 hours, I would pump for 15 minutes.

    Re: healthy recipes...I LOVE Southern Living's Chicken Burritos. You can freeze the chicken/blackbean/corn/cheese/sour cream/cilantro mixture and then eat it day of. I also love Fix It and Forget It Lightly's pot roast!!

  2. Have a wonderful run with Abby tomorrow! The three of us will have to get in a run together soon. Comcast on demand has some good 20 - 40 minute yoga and pilates videos - I think these are always good pre-long run bets. Some of them are more aerobically challenging than others too, so you do feel like you're getting more than just stretching. And regarding your cooking - how about making lasagna (I recently made one with zucchini, eggplant, and mixed peppers). I love it because I got a ton of meals out of it and freezes easily- something I'm sure you as a new mom would appreciate!

  3. I was going to suggest lasagna too. I use whole wheat noodles, organic sauce, low fat cottage cheese, egg plant, and spinach. Mmmm.

  4. good luck tomorrow!!! you will do great :) my friend pumps every couple hours, I have NOOO idea but sounds like doing it before might be the safe bet :)

  5. how often is he eating? That's how I would try to pump...so maybe a half hour if not closer to when you have to run...then right when you're done.

  6. Before a long run, I feed Baker right before I head out the door and then soon after I get back (usually feed him every 3 hours). I don't know if you have started a freezer stash of pumped milk, but I usually remind my husband to dig into that if Baker needs to eat before I get home. Gives me peace of mind that I won't have a starving child at home. I pump most mornings after Baker's first feed and every time I miss one (like when the sitter is here and gives him a bottle).

  7. Check out Green Lite Bites for some good recipes.


    It's saved me a time or two.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  8. Have fun on the run tomorrow. It is great that you have someone to run with for the 14.

  9. Enjoy your run tomorrow i bet you'll do awesome!!

  10. Healthy premade recipe: Alton Brown's potstickers from FoodTV. I use park ground pork part ground turkey to cut out some of the fat but still have the good pork taste. They can be frozen (space them out on a cutting board or wax paper in the freezer and then bag once frozen through), and can be cooked straight from the freezer in about 5 minutes. 1 min in the pan, 3 steaming, and then 1 more sticking to the pan.

    I always have some in the freezer for instant dinner :)

  11. I always cook enough protein on Sunday to get us a few meals. Then I make sure to make a side that we can get one leftover out of. So I only really have to cook 2-3 times during the week. Last week I made chicken in the crock pot. We shredded it one night, had it on salads another, ate it as is the other night...