Lack of heart

Lately, since that awesome 20 miler, I haven't had much enjoyment in my runs. The heart isn't there! I'm not sure if it is getting tired of the treadmill, that I've ran alone ever since then, that I'm not really getting any faster? I don't know, I think I'm just in a slump. I'm working on getting the enjoyment back into the running while getting through the runs.

I don't know what is going on with the bottom of my feet. It feels really good to roll them on the stick and massage them. The only thing I could think of is that I'm carrying extra weight and my stride may be different. Otherwise I'm wearing the same shoes that have always worked for me.

After a few rough days, I started to feel a whole lot better about my decision last week. I feel like I put everything in perspective and made the decision that I am happy about. It takes some adjusting and really your whole life changes and things that were important aren't really as important anymore. Clare made an awesome post about this here.

Compression Giveaway Check out this giveaway from the awesome A.B.

Just received my wrightsock socks from Runners World Giveaway, I'm excited to try them out and give a review on them.

Eating - been eating pretty well, smoothies here and there with frozen berries, but can clean up some parts of my daily eating. Really trying to cut out processed foods like cereal bars and protein bars, and eat mostly natural stuff.

My peanut butter is tasty, just dry.


  1. you will no doubt find your heart again when you are out there in boston :) you are probably just a little burned out... pregnant running, having a baby, then jumping back into training - i am sure that was all not easy! just enjoy the taper phase and get excited for the BOSTON MARATHON and then you can get back to running for fun after.

    ohhhh i hope i get my socks soon! i only run in wright socks - LOOOOVE them!

  2. I agree with Aron. You have had so much going on and huge life changes combine that with running you are probably just burnt out. I think the atmosphere in Boston will provide you with the spark you need.

    Maybe a little relaxing and some time for yourself will do you good.

  3. You've had a lot going on, it's no wonder you're having a hard time keeping your heart in it. It will come back, don't worry.

    If you want to meet up for a run, let me know. I could talk your ear off and hopefully keep it interesting!!

  4. Sorry you're feeling less than enthusiastic about running lately. I can tell you that once you get to Boston that will all change!!! The whole city will be filled with runners and everything will be revolving around the marathon....it is so exciting and fun. Boston also has an awesome expo with tons of cool running stuff to look at. Trust me, your motivation for running will be renewed from being there. The whole experience is absolutely amazing.

    I guess I would say, take advantage of your tapering now to get lots of rest, relax, and enjoy other things that maybe were on the backburner while you were training so hard. When you do run, just go easy. Then on race day, you'll be ready to go!!!

    Hope this helps!!!

  5. feel free to give yourself a little break after boston if you need it. it's hard not to have something to prove...i'm having trouble with that. but a marathon 2.5 months after nick proves enough for the rest of the year (at least)!

  6. oh this makes me sad for you. should I send some Naturally Nutty?

    Do you think it could be overtraining that's giving you the blues? Maybe a day off is just what you need... or maybe a really hard run...heck I dunno. But I really hate that you are having a tough time

  7. I'm sure you'll get out of the rut. Maybe just need a little break from it all. It's got to be hard work having a baby and training again!

  8. Um...you've had a LOT going on. I would say that the combination of just having a baby, training for a marathon and making a huge work/life decision would be enough to shake anyone! I certainly went through big time slumps after I had my son. Even a few months out, your hormones are still adjusting. Make sure to give yourself a break!

  9. Like others have said, you sound burnt out. Take some time off after Boston. While having to take 6 weeks off from everything after my c-section sucked, it was probably the best thing for me because I came back hungry. Sometimes you need to step away to enjoy the sport again.

    Glad you've come to terms with your decision to stay home!

  10. You were super focused on making the right decision about work that maybe it took all of your attention and now your in a blah running mood. I think everyone goes through that. Some days its there and some days its not.

    When i'm havin a rough day, i take it all out on the pavement or treadmill and after i'm done i realize why i love running.

    When you finish a workout tomorrow or whenever, ask yourself why you love running and keep reminding yourself why and i bet you'll have runner high in no time :) Cheer up! :)

  11. I had a similar problem with dance. At one point I was doing 3-4 classes a week (3 with the same teacher) and eventually I got to a point where I was kind of dreading getting ready to go to class. I dropped down to 1 class week (mainly b/c other commitments happened to come up around the same time) and I found when I resume 2-3 classes a week I was enjoying it again.

    I think what you have done is amazing - I was telling someone in my running group last night about your blog and she couldn't believe it! The poster who said the atmosphere is Boston will get you excited is absolutely right. There are people along the entire route cheering you on. Hopefully just talking about it will get you inspired!

  12. Check out Runners World this month for a great feature on Boston- that should get you pumped! I'm around next week (and officially start my taper!) if you'd like to try to meet for a run.

  13. I know how it goes when you just can't find that spark. You'll get over this hump. You're going to B O S T O N! That's pretty exciting!