I won some socks from the
WrightSock Giveaway on Runners Lounge. These are the 2 socks that arrived:
  1. Running II – Medium Weight Double Layer – This sock is an update to our original Double Layer Running Socks. It offers the updated Dri-WRIGHT II fibers for better moisture management and durability along with a Stabilizer Zone to help lock the sock in place.
  2. CoolMesh - Lightest Double Layer Sock – This sock is 30% thinner than the Running II, offers a mesh panel along the top of the foot for added breathability and is designed for all activities where lightweight is preferred.

Having not heard of them before, I was just excited to have some free socks. When they first arrived and I took a look, they looked pretty lightweight, nothing special, no fun designs or anything. I used them for a couple of easy runs and didn't notice much. Then, I put them to the test. The day before easter, I ran a 5k in the rain. My shoes were soaked. I figured my feet would get bad blisters from the rainy weather. Wore the Wrightsocks and NOTHING! No blisters! My feet were a little bit wet, but that was to be expected. And then, the true test. Boston Marathon. Let me just preface this by saying when I wore my standard running socks (I have a few pairs of adidas, and some other brand that were given to me as a gift and are comfortable) for the 20 miler in March, I got mad blisters on my pinkey toes. My feet are wide and blisters always seem to plague me on my smallest 2 toes, either in between them or on the bottom. I thought, aha WrightSock, you aren't going to make it through this one! So I tested them out for Boston. I thought for sure I was going to have mad blisters.... but NOTHING!!! These are my new official running socks. Thank you, Wright Sock! The only negative aspect that I see to these socks is their $10 pricetag, but this is average with any type of running sock, and these are TOTALLY worth it. Check them out! The link is above. If you go to the website you can type in your zipcode and find local retailers.

Recovery Socks
I don't know about this things. I think I fell prey to them and really wanted a pair. Plus I really love kneesocks. I bought a pair of hot pink / fuschia of these at the Boston expo, for 30 bucks. I feel like I could use some old field hockey socks that go over my shinguards and get the same effect. I don't know! I used them from 4pm after the marathon for 24 hours, and didn't have much pain in my lower legs, but I started thinking, would I normally? The pain is almost always (for me) in my quads! And when I took them off, I still had shin splints. So, the verdict is still out. At least they are fun looking. What are your thoughts on these things? If interested - see below for a special offer. www.recoverysock.com Special offer code RS07VR1 (buy 1 pair recovery socks at $29.90 get 1 pair vitalsox ($14.90) free)


  1. i need me some wright socks!

  2. ok I was just thinking that I needed some new socks.. are you in my head???

    i used some compression socks this weekend and liked them specifically because for the first time my calves were tight, but otheriwse I'm with you it's usually my upper leg

  3. I'm sorry you didn't love your compression socks. I swear by mine, but maybe I'm just sore in their target area.

  4. Hmm, I've been wanting to try the compression socks. Thanks for the review.

  5. Could not have timed this blog entry better - I did 8 miles on Sunday and by the 5th my heel (while still blister free) was definitely starting to get that blistery feeling. And I knew it was b/c I was wearing old socks! Thanks for the review - I am going to find where to buy this week!

  6. i loooove my wright socks and compression socks!

  7. Good to know about the Wright Socks!
    I got compression socks recently, but not knowing how I'd like them I didn't want to shell out $30. I found cheap ones at www.DrLeonards.com. There not fuschia, but they serve the same purpose.

  8. I have been running in Wright Socks since 2002, and can't wear ANYTHING else! They are expensive, but I am still in possession of some that I bought back in 02/03, and I run a lot!

    Definitely worth the moola!