Review & Giveaway - Exercise Anywhere

I was contacted by Nuru to review their Exercise Anywhere card deck. Basically this deck was made for anyone who wants to improve their shape without being at the gym. Being that I am stuck at home often with lil Nick, this is a convenient thing for me to have right now, and would be for those of you who have recently quit your gym to save some cash and workout outside or at home.

The deck is broken down into each section of the body which can be easily found through the tabs on the right side of the deck. Each muscle group is talked about and why it is important to strengthen it. These cards were designed well. It it easy to tab through and flip the cards back so that the card you are focusing on is on top. There are detailed pictures and instructions for each move, showing proper form. There are also tips and common mistakes. The directions are written so that they are very easy to follow, and since you are working out from home, there are several options for weights given - water bottles, cans, or actual weights. Each level has a challenge which enables users to move on if necessary. Also, there are recommendations on which muscle groups to put together for one workout - for a whole week. It is like having a personal trainer helping you out. At the end of the deck there is a cardio lab for getting your heart rate up.

The deck costs $9.95 and can be found at the Nuru website above. It is a good deal, considering it has the same amount of information with pictures as a book would have. You could even take this deck to the gym for reference. I am usually ripping things out of magazines and using them for my routines but this puts it all together into a nice convenient deck that fits into the palm of your hand.

Targets all Major Groups
Gives background information on each group
Small enough for travel

You have to be motivated to pick up this deck and use it

The good news - I have 2 to giveaway! To get an entry, put a link to this post in your blog and let me know that you did so by leaving a comment. This giveaway will go until midnight on May 1 eastern time. Enjoy.


  1. I've been thinking about getting these as I don't belong to a gym since we moved.

  2. don't count me in the giveaway, i have a deck and 2 to giveaway too! hahaha

  3. Comment for Its a Boy

    that video of nick and the blanket is So funny... he really must hate it! your commentary cracks me up too!!! ha ha ha

  4. I am too a rip out and try to keep in one piece as a carry it to and from the gym. I linked you :)

  5. Hey there - no lack of interest here, I just decided awhile back that I don't want to start linking to these giveaways on my blog...

    Looking forward to catching up Friday!

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    Here is the linko!

  7. I need all the help I can get with exercise right now! I am going to link to you!

  8. Nice blog and great job in Boston! I linked to your post.

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