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This is a really hard one for most people!
I am just starting to learn how to fit it all in with one child, but I am sure it gets even harder w/ several children! It was a whole lot easier when I didn't have a child but I wouldn't trade that! It just makes it more interesting!

To find the time to run, I make running a priority. I am still working on balancing everything, especially since Nick is just little. I think in the future I will have to get up early to run so that I can fit it in. Before I was pregnant I would work out at 5am so it was out of the way but once I got pregnant I valued my sleep and worked out after work! I won't think about what will happen when I'm back at work and fitting it in right now, but Angela is totally inspiring PRing and fitting everything in with little Zach!

I have Broad Street coming up on Sunday, and my sister (the non-runner) is running it too!
The last time we ran it together was her first time and she was having all of these allergy issues (she found she's allergic to soy, barley, and all this random stuff) and anyway, at mile 2, she started having an allergic reaction and we ended up at Temple Hospital in the city! She hasn't really been training for it, but ran the Disney Marathon in Jan. I will probably run by myself so I can see what my body can do, but I'm not so sure I even feel like pushing it after the marathon. Maybe it would be more fun to run with her, but how can I not look at the clock?


  1. I also worry about how I will keep training if we are lucky enough to have a second kid. Hopefully the second one sleeps better than Zach. And you will figure out a routine when you go back to work. The nice thing about working is that it forces me to be structured. I can't say I'll do a workout later in the day because that just isn't a possibility anymore.

    Have fun at Broad Street. Be careful, you probably still have a lot of Boston in your legs!

  2. Take it easy since you're still recovery from Boston. Weather is looking good so far for Broad street. I can't wait!

  3. Hmm, working after Ryan was born definitely made it easier to work out...as Angela mentioned it forces you to be more structured.

    So I'm not sure if it's that I'm staying at home now, the fact that there's two kids now or that I value my free time for rest...but working out (albeit a priority) is definitely much harder to get in as quality training and not just going thru the motions.

  4. i am struggling with work and working out...but as much as i say summer will be easier, i will have to FORCE myself to have the structure, which could be tough! yet normally in the summer i work out tons. we'll see what happens with the kid...

  5. Woo hoo! Good luck this weekend - and have FUN with it :)

  6. Be smart this weekend. Sometimes watching other people accomplish their goals is just as rewarding. :o)

  7. I wouldn't push things, you just ran Boston. Listen to your body and you'll be fine.

    Balance is key.

  8. Have fun in your run, whether you run it by yourself or with your sis.

  9. not that I'm a model of motivation, but it has been so much easier to go from one kid to two than it was to go from none to one. that said, i don't think they even bother to make triple jogging strollers, so I'll let that be my limiter ;)

  10. Use your jogger. It is a run and time with the baby.

    Running Mom to 3