Recovering, Day 3

Nick's marathon outfit - he didn't wear it bc it was too cold

Today I feel good! Nick slept the whole night 10-5:30 last night. Awesome night of sleep and big thank you to Nick.

Swimming yesterday plus a Bill massage on Tuesday really helped I think. A little of the stick and taking it easy will help even more! I ran 3 miles today, easy. It felt pretty good. I probably could have stopped at 2 or 2.5, but I put on the treadmill 30 minutes and it counted it down, so I kept going. I also did 10 minutes of the elliptical to warmup and then 1000 yds swimming. All this helped. I feel pretty good today and have ran (not walked) up the stairs a couple of times! The stick I think will feel good!

Well, I wasn't really expecting too much out of my time, but in the back of my head I did have an idea that maybe I could get a PR or close to 4 hours. I'm not real disappointed because I feel like my training wasn't very normal, and my speed isn't back for sure! But my splits show what I typically do - that is - progressively fade as the race goes on! When I go to train for Philly this fall, or one before that (!) I want to be able to first get my speed back, then train to negative split the race! I haven't done that ever. For Broad Street last year though, I was able to keep my mile splits around the same. (10 miler)

My splits
5k 9:03 pace
10k 9:12 pace
15k 9:17 pace
20k 9:20 pace
25k 9:24 pace
30k 9:35 pace
35k 9:48 pace
40k 9:56 pace

Too bad I couldn't hold the 9:03!!

I think I need encouragement that the baby weight that is still tagging along will go away. Should I cut back on calories? I think I am eating pretty well minus the carb load week. But with all of the training and eating decently, it is kind of annoying to still have the same 5 lbs that I had a week after Nick was born. It will be 11 weeks tomorrow! Normal??


  1. Glad you are recovering nicely.

    As far as weight loss goes, yeah, you are well within normal. Many say "9 on, 9 off" as in it takes 9 months to put it on and it takes 9 months to take it off. With both of mine, I lost the last 5 or so when they were about 6 months. Some women don't lose the last five until they are done nursing.

    I'd just try to eat healthy and keep working out and trust that the weight will slowly come off. If it doesn't, you can always diet it off when he's a bit older.

  2. TOTALLY normal. You are really active and your body is going to respond. If it doesn't by month 9, like the other post said, then you can beat it up! But you are tracking nicely. It just never feels that way when it's YOUR boobs and YOUR A**. ;)

  3. Great job in Boston!! Glad to see you're recovering pretty quickly, running stairs is a great sign! It's so interesting to read about how much you've done so quickly with the Nick.

  4. Like was said above, some women don't lose the last 5 until they stop nursing. I lost about 5 pounds both times I stopped nursing. Some women lose weight from nursing and other hold onto some of that extra fat!

  5. Your body is probably hanging onto those 5lbs for the nursing. It's only been 11 weeks and you ran the BOSTON MARATON. You're doing pretty well, I'd say. :o)

  6. Totally normal and like someone else said, your body is probably holding onto those five pounds so you can feed Nick. I've heard lots of stories about people dropping weight when they stop feeding (and I'm really hoping I fall into that camp). Glad you are recovering so well.

  7. Sounds like your recovery is going well Nat! You did awesome at boston and i bet those last few pounds will shed with time! I wouldnt worry about it-- your a runner and you really do look great! :)

  8. The rest of the weight will drop, just give it more time.

    Nick is just too cute! I am sure he is very proud of his mommy.

  9. Perhaps that extra 5lbs is somewhere that you won't lose until Nick stops nursing? I know I'm just a man and can't possibly understand what you ladies go through on account of childbirth and all, but I wouldn't stress too much if it's only 5lbs. I'm sure there are tonnes of women who would kill to only carry an extra 5 after they gave birth.

  10. I gained 34 lbs when I was preg and lost the full amount by the time my son was 5 mos. I would say that I had 5 extra lbs hanging around from the time he was 2 mos until 5mos.

  11. Maybe you aren't eating enough. I had a baby in January and ran my first half marathon last week. I know with training/breastfeeding I had to make sure I was getting enough calories. I have heard that if you are not eating enough it makes your metabolism slow and you won't lose weight...just a thought.