taper ahead

baby on the outside - ready to cheer for his mama

I don't really taper, but each day this week I am going to try to focus on something to prepare for next Monday. This is my plan - advice welcome!!

Mon 8 miles marathon pace
Tues swim/lift/x-train (skip lifting this week?)
Wednes- 1 mile wu, 2-3 miles m-pace, 1 mile cd
Thurs- same as Tues,maybe yoga?
Fri-2-3 easy miles
Sat- off/yoga/walk at expo
Sun-2 easy miles


  1. Enjoy the taper! One more week!

  2. Sounds like a great plan!

  3. Sounds good, but I would skip the lifting, especially on Thursday.
    Also, I love the picture!!

  4. Sounds good! I'm so excited for you! :) :)

    Cute pic too!!!

  5. Please excuse me and forgive me for being away from your blog so long!!
    1) Your lil runner stud is SO cute. SO handsome. He looks so different from the last pic I saw him!
    2) Omg, I can't wait to hear how Boston goes. You are my hero. How are you doing on your fundraising??
    3) You're doing Chicago? Yayyyyy! Me, too. Can we meet up????
    4) I've missed being here!!! :-)

  6. I can't advise on the taper as I haven't done a marathon (yet!), but I love that photo - so cute!!

  7. One more week!! You are going to have such a great experience. Enjoy this week of taper.

  8. Awwwwhhh what a cutie pic! ;D ;D Have fun with the taper :-)

  9. I can't beleive the marathon is almost here! Hope that this week goes well. Even though most training plans say not to run the day before a race, sometimes I feel like it helps me!

  10. looks like a very well planned out week! Hope the expo is fun, I can only imagine what boston is like!

  11. I have no advice on the taper, but just wanted to say enjoy your week and good luck on Monday!!

  12. I can't believe it's a week away. I'm so jealous of everyone running. Maybe this fall I'll qualify...

  13. WOW! Remember when you were pregnant and wasn't sure if you'd be able to complete the marathon? Now look at you! Awesome. Enjoy every step of that marathon next Monday!

  14. yay! Good luck with the taper!

  15. one week!!!! wow that has come SO fast!!!! good luck, you are going to do awesome :)

  16. you got a shout out in the babysteps blog!!!!

  17. I've just spent the whole morning reading/writing blogs. Had to read your last 10 entries in one go. Sounds like everything is going well for you.

    Making your own peanut butter is very impressive. I've banned it from my house, as I can demolish a whole jar with a spoon :-)

    Nick is definitely sprouting. He's gorgeous. You certainly made the right decision to hang out with him as long as possible. I haven't really stopped working - I've usually got Cairn in one hand and my Blackberry in the other. I'll be heartbroken when I have to go back to the office and leave him at nursery all day :-(

    Enjoy your taper week. Although I can't imagine you resting.

    I hope you're giving your marathon medal to Nick. He did most of the training after all :-)


    Ps: You're looking fab in the pictures!