Baby food...HELP mamas

So... I have the book Super Baby Food. And prior to that I was attempting to follow directions for making it. But, the problem that I am having is getting the food to be like the jars like they sell. Mine is so chunky. I am using a food processor and adding water or b.milk to get it to be smoother... what are you using and what can I do to make it more soup like? : )


  1. You have to add A LOT of water to get it to the soupy consistency. Luckily it shouldn't be long till you get to make it thicker since he's 6 months.

  2. Are you talking about grinding up the dry grains? You need a really good food processor and you have to grind for a long time! Fully 2 minutes to make it like powder before you cook it. I've found that adding almond butter or tahini when it's cooked makes it creamier. And moana can eat it thicker now which is nice. :) hang in there!

  3. I don't have that book, is it for things like carrots and sweet potatoes etc? Make sure you steam them to mush.

    I have a small food processor. I found that I have to not fill it very full to get the food creamy with no chunks. You have to experiment with the water and see if you need to add more to get it thinner. I have never used milk, just water. And when you puree squash, it doesn't really need much water....the first time I made it, is was so thin you could drink it!

  4. I steam my veggies (using a metal steamer) for my baby and use the nutrient rich leftover water to make the consistency smoother.

  5. Just keep adding b-milk or water. The longer you cook some of the veggies the easier they'll be to puree. Keep with it!

  6. Yes, just add more of the nutrient water from your steamer until you get the consistency that you need!

    As a warning, I went whole hog SBF with my little one and ever since he turned a year old, all bets are off. He hates everything he used to love especially if it's GREEN.