I am participating in the WrightSock Challenge hosted by Runner's Lounge. All month, I have been wearing only WrightSocks when I run. Here are the socks that I've tried and my thoughts. If you don't have wrightsocks yet - and especially if you have blisters or get blisters when you run, what are you waiting for? I am running Blister Free thanks to WrightSocks!

Running II - double layer standard running sock, midweight, snug fit

SLX - lightweight and stabilizing. A great sock.

SLT - insanely lightweight - you won't even know it is there. If you've wanted to try out running barefoot, this is probably the closest you can get to it!

Cushioned DLX - these are double layer cushioned socks. I love wearing these around the house! And they are great to run in!

Cool Mesh - lightest most breathable double layer. It's very light!

I love all of these socks. I think my favorite is the SLX. It is lightweight but feels cushioned and is snug on my feet. I have wide feet and would always get blisters, but not with any of these socks!

Check out their website for locations or to purchase.


  1. I am testing out the socks too and feel the same way! :) I really like the lightweight ones as well. My review is going up next week! :)

  2. I've been wearing Wright socks for about 4 or 5 years now. I absolutely love them!

  3. I tried the double layer wright socks and they gave me sick blisters that lasted for weeks. Never will i ever try them again. If there are lightweight socks, i might try those! hmmmm

  4. Luckily so far I haven't had much trouble with blisters so I just run in whatever socks I have around, but I may try these as my distances increase.

  5. Thanks for this review! I have been searching for some good lightweight socks and getting nowhere. My current socks are all getting worn out and it's making me anxious! :)

  6. i think i need to really try out some "technical" socks! i've been running in regular ol' cotton ones that come 8 pair to a pack or so :)