Odds and Ends

pic of a girl running on the beach

I have been kind of all over the place and haven't had much to say! Here are some odds and ends of what has been going on:
Congratulations Jess on your new baby girl!
Good luck Mama Simmons on your race this weekend and time away from Moana!
Congratulations Angela K for your win last weekend!
Tabs - I haven't had a chance to get back and play around with this. I think if I were working maybe I would have more time for myself!?!? I feel a little deprived of that lately.

Baby seat cover for shopping carts - does anyone have one? Should I get one? your thoughts...

Baby food: Frustrating experience with that, but found I can use the coffee grinder (Bill's idea!) to get the grains to powder. When can I start giving yogurt? Nut butters/tofu at 7 months? The book super baby food is great, but intense. I feel like I know what all of the things are (millet, barley, tofu, nut butters - and have them in my house, but if you don't have this stuff in your house, you will probably think this book is nuts).

Running: Haven't gotten my groove back yet, but working on it. I'm running slow and only ran 26 or 27 miles last week, but do want to keep up a good mileage for the 1/2 in a month and I did sign up for the Philly marathon in November (with possible Steamtown in October looking unlikely)

Lifting: I've been trying to lift 2 days a week, no progress seen yet.

Eating: If I don't count calories I think I eat too much. Yesterday I counted after the day was over becasue I still felt hungry. I had eaten 2500 calories and 300 + carbs, which makes me think maybe I should be eating more, but I am afraid to eat more when I am trying to lose. I'm afraid I'll gain more weight. Carbs - whoa... I am not even eating THAT many carb rich foods. I always have oats in the morning and go lean cereal as a snack and that is huge, and the fruits, veggies and milk add up. Yesterday I had bulgar with dinner but no bread with veggie burgers or sandwiches...I don't feel like cutting out my grains. Annoying. How about fat? I add almost 90g of fat yesterday! Mostly nuts/nut butter but obv other sources too! That is high, yes? What do you aim for in terms of fat?

Nut Butters: I forget if I posted on this, but you do NOT need to add oil to nut butters if you process it long enough. I made some divine almond butter this morning, I like it kind of runny, so I just processed away. Key is also to buy roasted nuts, not unroasted.

As a double bonus, if you like the banana soft serve - add some almond butter. Oh man!! Awesome dessert!


  1. I had a shopping cart cover and liked it, but I really didn't use it for long. It just got to be one more thing I had to keep track of. I liked the one I had, but I can't remember what it was. So, if you are planning more kids and will use it for more than one, it's probably worth it. I think there are some out there that can also be used on the restaurant high chairs.

    The one thing to be careful about with Super Baby Foods is that it is not accurate on current recommendations on when to introduce highly allergenic foods. I'd chat with your pediatrician before starting any nuts or eggs or fish/shellfish (do you eat fish?).

    MCM Mama

  2. I dont really know how many calories I eat a day. If I had to guess-timate an average, I would say between 1200-1500. Some days, I look at the meals I post and think, Man I eat like a bird! Other days, I eat like an elephant. In my opinion, just eat what your body is telling you to eat. I get most of my fats from healthy sources like avacados and coconut milk. These fats always make my tummy feel good.

  3. I wish I could help you with the food and losing weight business but I am struggling myself. I have never counted calories and don't even know where to start - it seems so overwhelming. Are you using an online site to help with this?

  4. See, I didn't like the Super Baby Food book at all. I disagreed with a few of their recommendations. I preferred the website http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/

    As for yogurt, my pediatrician said no yogurt and cheese until 8 months. And the American College of Pediatrics recommends no nut butters until 2 YEARS! My ped was a little more liberal with that because my guy had no signs of allergies and he was so underweight that he needed more fat and protein so he OK'd it at one year.

  5. I tried yogurt with moana at 6 months but she pikes all the time... Switched to soy yogurt and she was fine with that. Retried yogurt at 9 months and she's fine now. I've been giving her almond butter (just a little bit) a few times a week for about a month now and have had no issues. Superfoods says you can introduce PB at 10 months? But I'll likely wait on that one.

    I have a cart cover thing and used to use it all the time but now don't bother. I'm not a germ-o-phobe so whatever.

  6. We had a shopping cart cover and we used it when Morgan was little. But, then it became a hassle so we did away with it. They aren't that expensive and there are different variations (ones that go all over the cart and one that straps on to the handles.

    Your nut butter looks good.

  7. Your nut butter looks good! I need to make some of my own and try it! :) I hope you get your mama things figured out! :) way to stick with the running, even when it isn't easy! your awesome girl!

  8. Whoa, how did I miss banana soft serve day? That looks amazing. PLUS almond butter? I'm in love.

  9. I purposely try to get my heathy fats in every day but I never added them up. I eat 10 almonds, 2 T avocado, a few walnuts, and a T of smart balance, 1T wheat germ and 1T flax seed every day. Aside from that, I don't really eat any other fats. One reason why I'm so scared of the nut butters...

  10. I have the pieces of a shopping cart to sew together. They've been in my sewing room for a few weeks now!
    I think I need one and it will be useful because we no longer have our 1 year old in a car seat that I can put down in the basket...plus he wants to see what is going on and doesn't want to stay in it anyway.
    Not only am I protecting him from germs, but think how cold those carts are to sit in?? Esp when all he wears in the summer is a onsie. Poor baby. I need to get to sewing on mine!

  11. I think you should be proud of your miles for the week, 26 or 27 is great!
    As far as attempting to loose weight, when I did it 4 years ago, I went really strict. (1000-1,100 cal/day 20 g fat/dat) I also lost 90 pounds, no where near your goal! :) So my advice probably won't help you since I think you're still nursing?
    But I have maintained for 3 years now and some days I probably still eat around 1100 cals and other days I am probably eating like 2000 (depending on my running). I will say though, 90 grams of fat sounds high, even if it is coming from good sources - I would watch that.
    Wish I could help on the babe stuff, but not my area yet! :)

  12. Ok; stop looking at diet in terms of numbers. You clearly seem to be freaking out about it, and that isn't going to help anything. Fat is needed to build muscle, and fat from nut butters, etc is healthy.

    That said - stop counting calories!! LOOK IN TERMS OF BALANCE. The standby of 40 protein/30 carbs/30 fat is ideal for athletes. And again, based on the pictures you post, you don't actually appear to have any weight to lose. The goal should be toning and muscle building and asking "is 90 grams of fat too much?" isn't a question you can answer without looking at your activity, where it comes from, etc.


  13. http://www.kozypalcartcovers.com/
    Tried a few and just LOVED this one! Totally worth not having baby's mouth on that gross cart.

  14. We didn't do the cart cover. I used wipes before we sat them in there...worked fine. Besides, not that I think we should shove them in germ infested situations...but they do need a little bit of exposure. Our parents didn't have those things!

    We used "yo baby" yogurt and I gave it to both boys at about 6-8 months. ryan later, brayden sooner. They both did fine with it.

    We didn't give ryan PB till 2 years because that was the recommendation at the time. but Brayden got it before 1 year, because the recommendation changed and bc we don't have family history of allergy to it. Just had to watch for any allergic reaction for the first day. They both LOVE PB now.

  15. Had to go back and find the banana soft serve because it sounded so yummy - can't wait to try it!

  16. I am so impressed with your dedication to the super baby foods. Poor Zach was a gerber baby until he started eating real foods. Now we just give him whatever we're having (which is what he points at and wants anyway).

    As for the grocery cart cover. We recieved one as a gift and I used it once but it's been sitting on the floor of the backseat of the car ever since. It's hard enough to get Zach into the cart, much less get that thing into the cart and then get Zach in.

  17. yikes these people eating 1200 cals are nutz.

    I think you may need to focus on proteins from sources other than nuts...and you know what some days we just are hungrier. have you really figured out if it's true hunger? i have that issue when i get stressed....and are you getting enough water?

  18. Are you going to raise Nick vegetarian? Is your husband vegetarian? I'm a vegetarian too and I've wondered about whether I would raise my baby without meat or cook it (which would be quite gross at this point!) and let them make the decision when they were older.

  19. I have a cart cover and I use all the time. For baby food, I thought you couldn't give baby's nuts until they were 2 years old for allergies. Wow, your nut butter is much creamier than mine. Mine is still flakey. I bought raw almonds though. Maybe that was my mistake.