Dave's Killer Bread

Dave's Killer Bread sent me some bread that I had the opportunity to eat and review. The name says it - This stuff is KILLER! It is great bread.

A little bit about the company and Dave's story:
The company is out to make the most nutritious and delicious bread (and cookies and rolls) out there. They use quality ingredients and don't sacrifice taste. The bread is organic!

The story is pretty inspirational. Dave's father was a baker, and as he grew up he went down the wrong path and turned against his family. Dave starting doing meth, became a drug dealer and spent 15 years in prison for various felonies. After getting some help, reuniting with family, and getting out of jail, Dave cleaned up his act and created his killer bread. The bakery is located in Portland, OR for all of you Portland people out there! The loaves sell for upwards of $5 a loaf at the bakery or around $10 a loaf mail order.

The Bread
The breads are made with all natural seeds and grains. Click here for the ingredient list. Nothing processed, no sugars. Instead of sugar, Dave uses natural fruit juices! Only the finest healthiest ingredients out there!

The Experience
I received 2 loaves in the mail: Killer Good Seed Bread - the bestseller and Killer Powerseed Bread. First of all, I love multigrain bread so this was heavenly for me. Both breads were packed with seeds and grains, very moist and delicious! I ate them plain, I used them for toast, I made sandwiches with them, and I made croutons. I love these breads! They are packed with Omega 3s. have average 5g of protein and around 130 calories a slice. 130 may sound high if you are counting calories, but they are big, dense slices. I don't eat that much bread, but if I am going to eat bread, I want it to be delicious - Dave's breads fit the bill. They are healthy and scrumptious!

The Review

Definitely the best nutritious all natural clean eating bread that I have had.

+ I really enjoyed this bread. It has tons of nutritious ingredients, Omega 3 (which is great for vegetarians and athletes), and protein. It packs a boost and is great for a sandwich, to dip in soup, toast, or my all time favorite: croutons. The best thing is that it tastes great by itself!

- Boy, do I wish I could find this locally! You are lucky if you live in Oregon. Out here in PA, I'm not sure that I'd spend $10 a mail order loaf even though the bread is really AWESOME. I think I'd have to plan a trip out to the bakery and stock up. If you are even close to Portland, I would definitely check out the bakery or the local farmer's markets. You won't regret it!

Some tomato-bean soup with homemade Dave's croutons

The croutons - cut up a slice and drizzle w/ olive oil.
Bake at 400 in the toaster oven till crispy. YUM!


  1. The bread looks good. I really enjoy good bread! Did you make the tomato-bean soup?

  2. Sounds like good bread. with all that grainy-ness, I bet it makes you poop big ;)

  3. Dave's Killer bread is da bomb diggity!

  4. I LOVE grainy bread. This looks GREAT!

  5. YUM! I may need to find some in Florida. It looks delish.

  6. This bread looks delish! I wish it was sold around here! There is nothing better than good grainy bread.

  7. Yum-o!!! I will have to look around for that!

  8. I am a bread-aholic! I just ate my pasta lunch with a bag of salty pretzels to gear up for my long run this afternoon! Ha! So, anytime I hear about a good bread, I am excited!
    I just looked up where to by it in California and I think I might be passing the one in Nevada city next month on my way to the Lake Tahoe Marathon - I promise, if I stop I will stock up for you and mail it off!
    Have a great week! :)

  9. Yummy! Those croutons look awesome too.

  10. Sorry . . ummm .. bread? Didn't really read the review . . too busy salivating over the bread!! :) Looks so yum!

  11. I used to think bread was so bad for us but it's great finding these healthy breads out there.

  12. The break looks amazing - and now I'm hungry!