How's the eating been going?

The eat-clean diet. I think I'm eating 80% clean. For some reason I can't get into my hard core all or nothing state. Maybe that is a good thing.. but I will keep ping ponging between being diehard let's lose weight and oh well, let's just let it work itself out. Yah.

This week I made a berry cobbler that I saw on Danica's Daily using TJ's Vanilla cake mix which you mix with 12 oz of sparking water. Interesting! It is a nice fruity dish! I've made the cake a bunch of times for my students and LOVE it. This was the first time I was checking out the ingredients - the first one is sugar. So.. I don't know if I 'll buy that again!

Tomato chickpea soup I made and had with Dave's Killer croutons...
This was inspired by Lidia's porcini chickpea soup. It had 1/2 can peeled tomatoes, olive oil, and a cup or so chickpeas or white beans, with rosemary, parsley and oregano, salt and pepper. Simmer on the stove then blend away to make it smooth! I didn't measure too much but it ended up really tasty!

Cottage cheese pancakes from the eat-clean cookbook. It had cottage cheese, egg whites, flour... I added some flaxseed. I'll have to post the recipe when I find it. They were moist and decent!

This week for master's swimming it is outside since the indoor pool is being cleaned. It is pretty cool, I like swimming outside. It reminds me of easy living summer swimming days (age 6-18). Running is going ok. If I can run outside, it is great. I ran outside with Nick on Tuesday, and inside the rest of the days so far. I'm excited for Abby is back from her adventures and we hope to do a mini long run this weekend.


  1. I wish I could find a pool where I could swim outside. I know it's not practical in Boston but it is so much more relaxing!

  2. Wow, that soup sounds awesome! I think I will have to try it and hopefully it will be a fall/winter staple for my lunch at work!
    Good job on getting some swims and runs in! Have a great Thursday! :)

  3. That soup looks wicked good! Hang in there with eating clean! Some days I feel like I need to empty my cabinets!

  4. Is eating the last of the peanut butter straight out of the jar clean eating? I only got one spoon dirty.

  5. LOL @ DC Running Mama's comment!

    Your such a good eater.. i need to come live with you and have you teach me how to be awesome! :)

  6. ok my eating is totally out of the window but i can't get into my hardcore state either - workout wise! :-/

    hope you've been able to crack the whip on yourself a little :)

  7. Glad you liked the recipe! You know that is one thing I struggle with too is the ingredient list on cake mixes. I figured it was the better of the two evils (check out Betty Crocker mixes). I think sometimes in having "treats" it's ok to not be as strict on the clean eats.

    I LOVE the Eat Clean Diet and did that all last year. That is what got me really started on eating clean. I even belong to their message boards - great group of people :)

    You are doing awesome 80% clean for the 20% not - be proud of that! Nothing says you have to be extreme in any way :) Think of cooler 2 or 3 for the best balance.