watching carbs/calorie counting

So far - I've done pretty well this week. I'm watching carbs and calories but not restricting anything. If I'm hungry, I'm not denying myself! I've been able to stay around 1800 calories (besides yesterday - ate everything in site and didn't track anything = long run). I haven't seen much change in my body, so I'm wondering if I should eat more, maybe my metabolism is slowed and I need more calories than I was eating before. I don't know!

I went for a long run w/ Abby and Ali yesterday, and I am insanely sore today. My back, quads, shoulders, hamstrings - everything hurts! Add that to the lack of putting on BodyGlide and I have chafage on my back, chest and armpits! Aghhh! I think that I learned the treadmill isn't cutting it. And I have to decide if I want to run Steamtown (oct 10) and Philly (late nov) or just philly for this fall for marathons. I've never done 2 in one season, and Philly is just going to be for fun anyway. After that long run (kind of short) - 14 miles, I feel like I'm not in shape and maybe should bag the first marathon. And I don't like being a bottomless pit all day long.

I won't be able to swim for another week(wrist surgery). IT should be good getting back in the pool! All of the bikers on the trail yesterday made me want to go get a bike and start riding! The stationary bike doesn't really do the trick!

Some foods I'd like to try but haven't bought into the hoopla yet: let me know your thoughts!


I've been making my smoothies w/ my protein powders. I've thought about buying amazing grass, bc it was good, and had so much good stuff in there, but it is expensive!!

Philly marathoners - there's a facebook group of us!!

Everyone - does anyone know about athlinks?? I never get feedback on it but love this site!!


  1. It usually takes a little while for you to see the results. It also takes your body a while to get used to lesser amounts of carbs. Since i have been eating less carbs (except on long run days) I have trouble eating a lot of carbs. If i happen to eat more than usual i feel sick. So just give it a little more time. If you notice that you have trouble remembering things or are lacking energy significantly then you may not be getting enough carbs.

  2. I eat PB2 everyday but it's not for everyone. I too was SUPER sore after my long run yesterday and have been watching my calories to get something going with this body. Now I wonder if I should eat more because I've been eating around 1,200 cals. I def think you need more though since you're nursing. I would not cut too many good carbs. When I did that I was dead and had NO energy. I've been reading the Runner's Diet and they suggest for runners to eat 50% carbs (mostly fruits and vegs with some good grains) 25% protien and 25% fat. I'm trying this to see how it goes.

  3. I would give yourself the month of August before you decide to cut steamboat. See how training goes and see if you can get some good quality runs outside in.

    Get a bike and start doing some tri's!!!!

  4. I'm in the philly facebook group! We have to meet up for a run before that!

    PB2 -- definitely worth it. Hennings (grocery store in Harleysville) sells it if you're ever in the area.

    Chia seeds - LOVE them!! They are part of my pre fun breakfast now.

  5. OMG PB2 is my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so amazing in a bowl of hot cereal. I can't even begin to describe just how glorious it is... LE SIGH.... yummy....

  6. A 14 miler is totally a long run! And you have plenty of time before Philly to get re-aquainted with the recovery of long runs.

  7. girl, if you can run a marathon like 6 weeks after having a baby, i think you can totally do philly.

    your freaking amazing and you need to not be so hard on yourself. don't stress about the weight- it will come off eventually. plus doesn't your weight fluctuate like 10 pounds at any given time/day?

    you look amazing & i think you should tell your self that you are amazing. the running will come soon- your just in a rut. get outside and beat the hell outta some pavement. Your AWESOME girl!!!!!!!!!

  8. I think it was the heat that did us in yesterday - took a lot out of me, for sure!

  9. 1800 calories while nursing AND running? That's really low. And probably not going to help, particularly since you don't really look like you have any weight to lose. That said, you should focus on toning and strength...And you simply won't get there unless you're getting enough protein. Cutting back on carbs is good in that sense, but you're at a distinct disadvantage since you eat a vegetarian diet as you miss out on some heavy proteins. Avocados, lentils, etc should be BIG. And lift weights.

  10. if you are running a lot you def should be eating more.. is the 1800 on top of what you are burning from running?? if not def up it! great job on your 14!!

  11. You must have serious motivation to do your training on a treadmill. The most I can do is five miles and it feels like 20. The first time I did a long run (which was 12 miles) I was completely broken when I got home. It takes a few runs for your legs to remember the distance. You haven't lost your fitness though. It's all in the bank!

  12. I would almost agree that maybe you should be eating more? Healthy foods, of course. Love the photo of your baby wearing the medal -- runner in the making! :-)

  13. I used to be a treadmill only girl and it is SOOO different than running outside. Now I really love running outside so when I do the treadmill it's much harder.

    PB2 is ok for smoothies...but it ain't natural honey!

  14. I still vote you need more calories, but what do I know? :o)

    Also, I LOVE Athlinks. I've killed serious time on that site.

  15. good job on your long run. Make sure you are getting enough calories as your body really needs them during marathon training.

  16. In my option, for what it's worth, I think that if you want to be able to train properly for the fall marathons you probably need some more calories and protein. I do agree that running on a treadmill is quite different, but I trained for my first marathon on a treadmill and did okay.
    I wouldn't scrap anything yet...really work on your miles and food for August, then you should know how prepared you are.
    You can do it girly! :)

  17. Great job getting in the 14 miler! That's awesome!!! I'm thinking about running philly (live in northern Virginia so it's close enough for me). But it all depends on if I decide to go ahead and try for number two. Too many decisions.

    I still think 1800 is just not enough calories for you. If you weren't nursing I would think it might be ok since you think you have weight to lose. But I'm not a nutritionist :-).

    Have you thought about going to a sports nutritionist to see if they can help? It's gotta be hard getting everything in since you're a vegetarian....and missing the carbs to get the complete proteins.

    I also second what people have said about doing some more weights....that should help you trim off those 5 pounds. And honestly....you LOOK FANTASTIC. So don't let those last 5 pounds get to you!!! Really!!! Just try and enjoy it all and try not gain.

  18. thanks for the fb link! i think you have plenty of time to train for philly. it just takes some time to get in the groove~