Greens Plus Chia

I had been wanting to try Chia but hadn't gotten around to it. I was able to get a sample from Greens Plus - a whole can of it! Chia seems to be a great RUNNER's food!

From the Greens Plus Chia label:
*Chia promotes endurance - the Ancient Aztecs ate chia in bread just before battle and drank it in water before running long distances!

*it increases hydration

*only unprocessed whole food source of pure Omega

*helps eliminate waste

*is great in smoothies, baked goods, oats, soups, salads...

It has a subtle taste (well, it isn't as noticable as flaxseed) and great benefits! I've added it to my smoothie, TEMPO granola bars and oats so far. I feel like I am just throwing in something that is good for me ! Extra bonus :) I'm going to try it in some water before my next long run and see if I feel a difference.

One container is $19.95. Check out the website or remember you can email Diane (diane@greensplus.com) to try it out!

Share your CHIA recipes/successes! How do you use Chia?

In other news, I made it through 9 treadmill miles yesterday. I don't think I can do a solo long run, my head isn't in the game for it.

TOP qualities
What are the TOP qualities that you look for in others? Lately I have been thinking about this after some disappointing experiences with various people. I am too hard on people, for sure. I used to have a list when I was in high school or college or things I wanted in a husband. I totally wish I had that list now to see how if I've changed much!


I think those are my top 3! What are your desired qualities?
I'm going to pick a response at random on Wednesday and send out a couple of tempo bars.
So tell me what qualities you look for in the people that you surround yourself with!

P.S. If you have a word verification for comments, consider not having them embedded, it is tedious! Or consider removing it!


  1. Cute post!

    Some qualities i look for in others are
    ~can make me laugh
    ~good listener

    I havent really thought about it but so far thats what i came up with! Enjoy your sunday!!! :)

    P.S. great job on the 9miler! If i was on the east side, id run with you!

  2. I agree with the ones that you have as well as Nicole's. I would add people that put others before themselves too. It can't always be about them!

    Thanks for the heads up about the Chia stuff! It looks like it would be something I can add to things!

  3. I like people who are thoughtful, caring, don't take themselves too seriously, and honest.

  4. Ooh-er. . . I hope I'm not one of those people! I am making those biscuits tonight for the bake sale. . really!! :)
    My brother gave me some Chia powder (just ground up seeds) and I am using them in smoothies, but need to sit down and figure out another way to use them. I think Angela @ Oh She Glows had a Chia pudding recipe the other day that looked awesome.

  5. Lol at the previous comment- I mailed my tart yesterday (since I was in the US-thought it would be better than cross border).

    Spontaneous yet dependable
    Sense of humour/self
    Kind-hearted (I dislike misers-not necessarily money-wise)
    Good listener but also shares themselve with you

    I am intrigued by chia seeds - I must get some!!

  6. My number one quality is people who do not take themselves too seriously. We all have our moments, but come on. It just makes me think that they think they are more important than anyone else. Such a turnoff.


    Sense of humor
    NO drama/weird games

  7. PS...I can't believe you ran 9 on a treadmill. I have no idea how you do that. Great job.

  8. I've never tried this stuff, but I think I'd like to. Thanks for the info.

  9. I think for me I would have to say:

    Honesty with love mixed in (people who tell you the truth because they truly care about you and not just tell you what you want to hear)

    Generosity coming from a thankful spirit

    People who do what they say they will do!

    PS Thanks for the chia seed info..I already emailed Diane and my seeds are on the way!

  10. Honest

    I just got chia seeds and have been adding them to my cereal every mornig. I also want to try the chia pudding.

  11. It is hard to just list 3.

    Sense of humor

  12. I look for:
    sense of humor
    things in common

  13. I need patience, humor, and understanding. Cute post!

  14. ahh the word verification really messes me up. well really, the ones with embedded word verification/comment boxes are blocked at work and i have to wait til after work to read them :)

    3 things i need are honesty/trustworthy, understanding, and passion. pretty much like everyone else it seems!

  15. Honesty. I hate being lied to.

    Ambition and energy. There's nothing worse than someone who sits about complaining about being overweight and unfit.

    Punctuality. I read somewhere that if a person is always late for you that they don't respect you enough to value your time. Now my mind goes on overdrive anytime anyone is late for me :-):-)