Baking;Cooking;1 mile race

1 miler!
Running Laur was holding a 1 mile virtual race/run for this week. I did my 6 miles this morning and saved one to "race" during Nick's afternoon nap. I ended up warming up one and going at a decent clip for the 2nd mile coming in at 8:02 - on the treadmill. It would have been cool to go to a track to do it and get my real time, but that wasn't in the cards. Maybe one of the days over the break! This was a great motivator though - it made me do an extra mile today!

Tis the season
Today started the cooking and baking for Christmas Eve. I am making a semi-healthy lasagna, some yummy dips and hope to make a chocolate cake for dessert along with Christmas cookies that have been frozen since baking extraganza a few weekends ago. I am not in the mood at all to make any more cookies!

Breastfeeding - Do I give up?
Until right about a month ago, things were going fine. Nick was definitely losing interest quickly and I was getting frustrated. I gave up on feeding him directly from the source except first thing in the morning which means that I pump 3 times a day. And pumping 3 times a day only gets me 6 ounces, which is enough for his bedtime bottle. Part of me doesn't want to quit since I just have about a month and a half till 1 year and the other part of me just wants to throw in the towel, give him formula for another few weeks and start up the whole milk. I think it is great he gets 2 servings of breastmilk everyday, but in the end, I don't know how much it matters. The whole thing of drying up has been frustrating to someone who didn't even want to do it pre-baby.


  1. i hear you on the frustration...i had such mixed feelings! it's such a personal decision though, honestly i don't think it matters for nick's health at this point. if you think you'll be disappointed in yourself if you don't make a year, keep going. if you think you'll get over it (i did, no regrets!) then quitand enjoy the freedom a couple months early. good job on the one mile race! i need a good deal on a treadmill. and a new ankle!

  2. Nice job on the running!!! :) That mile was speedy!! Way to go!

  3. Nice job on the mile -- very speedy!

    In terms of health, I'm sure that switching to formula now won't make a difference to Nick. As for you, if you decide to quit, try not to think of failing to reach the one year mark; instead, try to think how you managed to breastfeed for 10 1/2 months!! Not many women do it for that long.

  4. Nice job on the running. I wonder if you can just skip formula and go to cow milk since he is so close to 1? I'd ask your doctor.

  5. Nice job on the mile!

    Don't worry about hitting the year mark. I was worried about it, too, but then had to stop at 10.5 months. My son was fine. I sweated the whole thing and, looking back, I wish I hadn't. In the long run, it is totally not something to beat yourself up about.

  6. I would talk with your Ped and see what he/she says about it. Being this close to 1 year I'd say you could almost just go to cow's milk if he takes vitamins. (I hope no one jumps on to me about saying that!).

    We started out with cow's milk then switched to goats milk. Better on his tummy :-)

  7. Great job on your run!

    I applaud you for breastfeeding for as long as you have. I am a believer in the long term health benefits for mommy and baby. My littlest does not tolerate dairy well at all. We are still nursing whenever we are together knocking on 16 months (he now goes to a sitter while I work). If you really feel like you want to stop perhaps consider easing into cows milk. Start adding 1 ounce of cow's(or goat's) milk into his one bottle a day. The next week do 2 ounces and so now. It will be easier on baby's tummy and will help show any problems with tolerating the lastose.

    Good Luck.

  8. I forgot you initially planned not to BF. Like Clare said, it's a personal decision but when I gave up it was a huge relief and Zach didn't seem to miss it at all.

  9. I remember having such mixed feelings and kind of feeling like a huge disappointment when BF ended at 6.5 months. I will say that from the very beginning, I supplemented with formula so when I stopped BF, Elena was actually pretty happy. Once I got over the initial guilt, I was relieved that I stopped. Good luck with your decision.

  10. I have no advise for you, but am interested in what you finally decide (since I am hopefully going to be starting soon). Either way, you are amazing for keeping it up for so long. Like Jess said, most women don't make it 10.5 months.

    What pump do you use? I am registered for a medela and am getting grief from people (most of whom have never breastfed) about registering for such an expensive pump. But since I'm going back to work full time after 12 weeks, I need a good one and everyone I know who works and pumps tells me just to spend the money and get this one.

    Any thoughts?