2009 at a glance

2009 has been a year of transitions, excitements and new beginnings. I would say the word of the year is transition because I am still working on adapting to the changes in my daily life!

In January, we traveled to Walt Disney World to watch my sister run the marathon - that was our last plane trip since Nick was born. This picture is from 37 weeks - the last one that I took!

Nick was the excitement and joy that came into our lives in February, 2 weeks early.

At the end of March, I did my first race and 20 mile training run in preparation for Boston.

April was the Boston Marathon which was just spectacular and an amazing experience. Nick's first Easter.

May was my first Mother's Day, and a decent Broad Street run.

June was when my running started to deteriorate and I started to burn out!

July was Nick's first real trip to the beach (in busy season/beach weather), and August more beach time,

September was weird not starting out the school year - and tough. The Philly Distance Run was a PR. Nick's first Mets game.

October - Nick's first Halloween and first time he won a contest!

November - The Philly Marathon!

December - Nick's first Santa's lap and ChristmaS! First snow storm!

It was a great year and I look forward to 2010! This year definitely flew. I don't have any

All in all:

1645.5 miles ran
- 10 days and 22 hours (compared to last year's 1748.4)

Best thing about the year: Nick

2nd best thing: Boston Marathon

Biggest surprise: Breastfeeding at all?

Biggest changes: Running is not at the top of my priority list and doesn't hold as much importance in my life as it did pre Nick (meaning if I miss a run or don't hit my weekly mileage, I don't care as much!)

Biggest disappointments: Lack of motivation that hit in June/July and being unable to drop the last 3 lbs of baby weight.

Biggest challenge: Not going back to work for this year, missing my identity. Having little time for myself.

What does 2010 have in store:
More running, but not a marathon until the fall
Ocean Drive 10 miler
Broad Street Run
Perhaps a sibling for Nick
Hopefully moving from a townhouse to real house

It should be an exciting year! I have no set resolutions, just to stay motivated, stay positive and eat well (despite the toast and butter/carbs problem right now).


  1. What an awesome year Natalie! You should be proud! You accomplished a lot and of course, had that cuttie Nick! I think 2010 will be a great year for you and can't wait to share it with you! Happy New Year!

  2. Girl, you were able to rock a bikini on the beach with a tiny baby. You don't need to worry one bit about your weight!

  3. You've had quite a year with that little one! Here's to a great year ahead of us all!

  4. uhh seriously the bikinni shot makes me say you no longer get to complain about weight at all

  5. WOW! What an impressive recap. You have accomplished so much in 2009. I am beyond impressed that you did Boston just months after Nick's birth. You look like one hot mama in that beach pic!!! I

  6. What an amazing year you have had! Happy New Year to you and blessings in 2010!

  7. Love the pictures! You have such a beautiful family :-)

  8. What a great year for you! You crack me up about being so hard on yourself about not being pre-preg weight, but you were wearing a bikini at the beach! That is so much more than can do lol

  9. Looks like a really great year! Very cute pics of your son. :-) Hope you have a great 2010.

  10. Holy cowO am new to your blog so forgive me when I say.. YOU ARE AMAZING RUNNING BOSTON JUST AFTER GIVING BIRTH!! Crazy amazing!!

    A sibling for Nick?? Wow looks like you bounce back weel after babies.

    Good luck with your goals and congrats on all you have doen in 2009. Look at that CUTE CUTE costume..

  11. i like your recap! i need to do that. you had a great year!

  12. what an amazing year! even though you got burnt out on running you still ran SWEET mileage! I'm so proud of you! i can't wait to see what 2010 brings you and your family!!! xoxo

  13. Quite the year, my friend. Looking forward to sharing some runs together in 2010.

  14. WHAT a great year! I love how you did: biggest disappointment, biggest challenge - good ones! And, that is hard the first year of motherhood...that identity, I remember!

    Happy 2010!

  15. You had such a great year!! Happy New Year!!

    I wonder if Nick will become a big brother...

  16. What an amazing year. Congratulations on everything. You are so blessed!

    Happy New Year! :)

  17. What a year it's been! I can't believe you ran Boston just 2 months after having Nick!

  18. I too am in awe that you ran Boston just 2 months after having Nick! That in and of itself is nothing short of amazing!

  19. What a great year! And it's been so fun to read about it along the way.

  20. what a great year! nothing wrong with priorities changing at all - especially for one as awesome as little nick :)

    happy new year! to a healthy, happy, speedy 2010 for you :)

  21. I have to agree with some previous posters. You were rocking that bikini so soon after Nick was born. So jealous.

    What a great year for you!!! Can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for you.

    A sibling, huh? ;)

  22. Great recap! Looking forward to your 2010 adventures too. : )

  23. happy new year! best of luck with your 2010 endeavors!

  24. I still can't believe you ran Boston 5 minutes after having a baby. Rock. Star.

  25. What a great year! Cheers to 2010!

  26. Yay on Ocean Drive. I will be running the full marathon - my second full ever! Have you run it before?