Merry Christmas!

Here is our Christmas card. I couldn't decide on one picture and really liked this one, so I did a folded card and went all out. These didn't turn out so well scanned in, but here it is:

The front!

The inside had this picture and then some writing on the other side.

" May you view the holiday season through the eyes of a child" - Bill, Natalie & Nick

Back - no one looks at it but totally necessary, right? Not really.

I got an early present or two - a blender just a little while after cursing about the one I've been using to make Nick's food, Bill picked up on that one! and an umbrella stroller from my mom/dad. Yippee! I am like a child at Christmas for sure.

Last minute wish list?:

**Those laces that go on your shoes so you don't have to tie them? Yaks?
**Arm Warmers
**Cricut Cartridges? Anyone know what they are? Just got into this and bought a machine!
(for scrapbooking, making etsy things, oh yea!) and I had my first etsy sale over the weekend! Whew!!!!

** No lace shoes - slip on sneakers/comfortable shoes
(**Shopping assistant and new wardrobe)

What's on your list? Think you are going to get it?

Best wishes to all! Delicious food to be posted tomorrow : )


  1. What a beautiful, beautiful baby. Merry Christmas to you!!

  2. Merry Christmas! Your card turned out cute!

  3. Cute card! Love it. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too!! :)))))

  4. Love the card!!! Have a great Christmas with Nick and Happy Birthday!!

  5. I absolutely love the cards!! That front picture is so fun! I got a cricut for Christmas from my parents! I love it!!! I just have two fonts but I heard you can get a lot on ebay. The machine rocks...i've used it a lot at scrapbooking conferences! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  6. cute card! merry christmas! hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday :)

  7. cute card! i love it! i would totally plaster my kid all over the card too! and i always look at the back incase there is a surprise! :)

    i love etsy- i should check out your store! :)