Thanks for the support on my last post. Ah - the struggles and questioning about going back to work.

Bill is away this weekend and Nick has been great. My sister came to stay with me yesterday and to make Christmas cookies. She came over around 3 and had been out the night before, so by 8pm she was passed out on my couch. No cookies were made. Haha. This morning I made pancake Sunday for her, but she was totally not into my healthy pumpkin pancakes. And as a side note, we met at a raw cafe over the summer and she was looking at her food like it was going to bite or attack her. We don't have the same eating habits and she can definitely eat more than me and still look good. The unfairness.

Today after we woke up and made the pancakes, it was time for some cookie baking. She picked out some recipes - peanut butter chocolate and black and white macaroons. She did most of the work - I have a cookie exchange on wednesday night so I wanted to use one of the recipes for it. The macaroons while totally horrible for you, were the winner since most people are bringing peanut butter/chocolate cookies. I'll post pictures later.

GUM - I was a gum ADDICT. Recently I stopped buying it and have been able to live without it!
I read in Runner's World yesterday that if you want to try to eat something healthier than desserts, buy some sugary cereal for your sweet tooth and you'll get a load of vitamins! So I took their advice and bought some reeses puffs today. Oh man - they are so good. None for Nick though! They are the perfect size for him, but way too much sugar.

For my airplane birthday theme, I'm working on the invites and favor labels. I think the favors will be some kind of food, maybe peanuts for the airplane thing or small cookies - any ideas?
Next I'm trying to think of a birthday banner - maybe airplane scrapbook paper as the background with big letters of his name saying Happy 1st birthday Nick. There is so much cool stuff on Etsy - I go on and get ideas, then make them myself!


  1. I can't even bake around the holiday...can't have the cookies in the house. Cookies are my enemy!

  2. You could make cookies in the shape of airplanes and decorate them. If you want to invest money there are little wooden airplanes at craft stores. You could paint them as a favor.

    You could hang bunches of different paper airplanes from the ceiling trailing a banner (like at the beach) each banner could have a word. Like Happy on one then another plane with Birthday. Some plane would just be flying around. Can you picture that?

    I am sure you are going to come up with loads of ideas. It will be neat to see how it all comes together in what, less than 2 months.

    Have a great week!

  3. I love the cookies in the shape of airplane idea! I also LOVE Etsy! I just bought Emma a banner for her birthday and a shirt with the number one on it! I can't wait to see all the cool ideas you have!

  4. I love etsy! I need to check out your etsy store sometime! my mom just ordered this cool picture frame for my cousin that has all of us kids names on it- and she is gonna put pictures that match each name in the frame! so cool! :)

    hope you had fun with your sister!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend!

  6. I totally heart etsy. It is addictive!

    Aren't sisters great?? I love my sisters...

    You're making me want to bake Xmas cookies! I just don't think I'm going to have the time. We did buy some gingerbread cookies at the Farmer's Market today and they were YUMMY!

  7. Reeces Puffs are not allowed anywhere near me because I literally will eat the entire box! They contributed to my college 10lbs weight gain:)

  8. I saw that cereal thing, too and thought it might be a good idea! Hmmm....
    I just read your post from Friday and I just have to say I feel ya sista'! I know I don't have babes yet, but I do have empathy for you. I am sure it is soooo difficult to feel pulled in both directions. Maybe you could exchange some emails with Jess over at 21 days. She seems to have done really well with the transition of being home with Nora and going back to work. It really sounds like you need to get back out there. That isn't a bad thing either. Don't beat yourself up too much about it. You want to be a healthy & happy mom for Nick and that might be a working mom.
    Hope your feeling better this Monday and all your ideas for the party sound like fun! :)

  9. Man, that 1 year b-day party already sounds like a lot of work! When it comes time, Norah better appreciate keg beer and chips and ip b/c I think that's the only kind of party planning I have in me!

  10. I didn't get to comment on your last post, but it sounds like you're doing the best you can. Hang in there. Trust your decisions.

    And super good luck with the cookies and party. I'm sure it will be fantastic.

  11. What a fun birthday theme!