I was doing really well and tracking everything for almost a week and then I just didn't have the time for it, you know? And over Thanksgiving I was eating so many veggies while away, that when I came back, I did not want to look at a vegetable. I'm digging fruits right now, and trying to sneak in the veggies.

All I could think about this morning while I was swimming was pizza. The crust and taking a bite of it. Oh my gosh - it was awful. I was getting more hungry as each minute went on. I had to stop thinking about it. Last week I had pizza Thursday and Saturday and I could have had it every other day in between. My swimming is just not progressing - I feel like I am trying so hard and not moving. My stroke feels terrible and I feel like a big splashing whale pounding through the water. I don't know why!

I went to the produce market that I've been going to this morning and I have to say, it's an awesome place and I spend around $25-30 on a TON of produce, but the workers just suck. They are really not friendly people and act like we are privileged to shop there. I don't know why it bothers me but I never bring my cart back to the rest of the carts because I figure it will make the workers work extra. Isn't that mean? In the spirit of giving...

Ever since trying my first pomegranate a few weeks ago, I've bought at least one per week - delicious! They are so refreshing. In addition I've snagged some grapefruits from my parents house that were probably going to go bad, and these are refreshing too. The only thing I don't like about grapefruits is having to cut them in the outline to scoop out. It's hard - and I feel like I am always wasting fruit!

In Nick's world - he's crawling everywhere. He wants to walk everywhere with our help. He's having fun kicking a ball and then following it to kick again and pulling up on everything. It is pretty cute when I'm in the kitchen doing something and I feel the tug on my pants. How long from when they start walking with assistance do they walk on their own? It must be a scary process for sure! And his morning naps have been super short with a long afternoon one. When does the morning nap phase out? I like it for sure, so I'm not ready for that, but I bet then the afternoon one gets longer? Or maybe not.

And I think MCM is my best bet - great feedback!!
Happy weekend to all! We are getting some snow here tomorrow.


  1. The long afternoon nap is the best! I feel like I can be so much more productive knowing that I usually have at least a couple hours to myself. I can't remember when Elena switched to just one.

    I am really impressed that Nick is already kicking a ball. It took Elena a while to figure that one.

    I also laughed at your cart story at the market. My husband is just like you in that respect!

  2. Prepare yourself for lots of bumps and bruises! It is going to happen. My littlest (at 15 mos) still falls and lands on his head all the time! They think they can walk confidently long before they actually can.

    Naps. I am a bad one to ask, says the mommy whose 15 month old is STILL not sleeping through the night. But he did stop morning napping around a year.

    Good Luck!

  3. I could eat pizza everyday if I allowed myself! If you're craving it and want a healthy one, I buy the Amy's organic margarita pizza in the forzen food section. It is really, really tasty (for frozen pizza) and actually quite good for you!
    You crack me up with the produce peeps! Leave that cart WAY out there! :)

  4. I have been thinking about a pineapple and canadian bacon pizza all day! I love that you leave the cart out for the workers to put away, that's totally something I would do too:)

  5. If I was stuck on an island and had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be pizza. Hands down.

  6. Now you got me wanting pizza! hehe
    I agree that long afternoon naps are great. Adam started weaning himself off of two naps right around a year old. Now he just takes one loooong afternoon nap and I think I get more done because he sleeps longer. Also, it won't be long before he's walking, so prepare yourself for all the bumps and bruises. They fall so much and run into things and it's just a hard time..we're still in that phase.

  7. Ohhh grapefruit! You have me craving one. I love it with honey on top...so sweet and bitter at the same time.
    Your holiday card is amazing!! Nick is the most adorable baby ever!

  8. I'm with katie on the Amy's frozen pizza. We get the spinach one in a 3-pack at Costco and it's a lot cheaper. :)

    And I hope you know that it is NORMAL to be swimming a little slower right now. Don't fret it.

    About the walking- it was probably a month between Moana's first step and when I would say that she was really 'walking'. And now, at 14 months, Moana switches between one and two naps depending on the day. Today she's only taking one- I can tell by how tired vs active she's acting at about 9:30-10 AM... sometimes she's just not tired, ya know? Other times she's a complete grumpy mess and goes down right at 9:30.

  9. It seems like Luke has been walking with help FOREVER. He's a huge wimp and whines when you try to let go of his hands. :oP So I think it just depends on the kid! Maybe that's why I don't think the tug on my pants is so cute anymore haha...

  10. At least you're eating well...better than I can so for me! I am in need of a total detox diet. Too bad it is NOT the right time for that! hello Christmas cookies!!

    Jackson didn't ditch the regular morning nap until he was about 16 months. Like Moana, he didn't have to have the morning nap some days, but did for most until that age.

    Have you bought some grapefruit spoons? they're the best. As is the old pampered chef grapefruit knife. Have to get it on ebay though...http://cgi.ebay.com/Pampered-Chef-Grapefruit-Knife-1265-NEW_W0QQitemZ360214089033QQcmdZViewItemQQptZCookware_Bakeware?hash=item53de6ecd49#ht_1600wt_1167

  11. Dear Author nannersbread.blogspot.com !
    Probably, I am mistaken.

  12. i love naps! they are my favorite pasttime next to running LOL!!:)

    stay warm with all that snow!

  13. Um, your cart comment had me cracking up. Way to stick it to them! ;-)

  14. I have been to a market like that- so rude!! I like your cart solution. :P

    I haven't had a grapefruit or pomegranite in years. Pizza on the other hand...

    Happy Holidays!! :)

  15. I love pizza too. And making homemade pizza with your fav toppings on it is even better. Sorry, i am not helping at all!

    Enjoy the holidays! Sounds like your handsome little man is growing up so fast!