What I got for ChristmaS!

Christmas was so nice with Nick this year. Very exciting and fun! It was more fun opening his gifts than our own, and I don't remember the last time I was so excited to get up. Nick was jumping up and down in his crib. So cute! Just turn down the volume because my baby voice will make you never read this blog again!

What did you get for Christmas? Nick got tons of clothes, toys and books and a rocking chair.

I got:

A flip video camera - very cool and small
A locket to hold pictures of Bill, me and Nick
My mom and dad totally shocked and surprised me with an awesome Nikon Camera for my birthday!

My brother taught me basics of photoshop

I got a cool warm/cold underarmour long sleeve running shirt that is reversible for warm/cold weather.

My friend Nicole got me PBK and Pottery Barn gift cards so I can go crazy there!

Also a bunch of small things

I have a handful of returns to make but am so happy with everything that I got!

Here is the result of my new camera and photoshop lesson:


  1. Holy Adorableness!!!!!!! He is an absolute doll. (Santa's voice in the background was pretty spectacular, too) ;-)

  2. melt my fricken heart! your kid is so dang cute and so happy! i love it! i would love waking up to that everyday! :)

    my favorite is your baby talk and bills deep merry christmas! i'm cracking up right now! :)

    you made out like a bandit! sounds like you had a great christmas! your camera is sweet & your photoshopped pic is sweet! i can't wait to see the awesome pictures you will take!!!

    hope you had a good weekend!!! :)

  3. I'm jealous of the new camera and the photo shop lol
    That picture is TOO CUTE!

  4. You are a great student! One lesson are you are a whiz!

    That video is so sweet.

    Great Christmas goodies. Santa is so nice to everyone.

  5. We got a flip carmera last year and absolutely love it. It's so small, I put it in my purse when we are going out and then if Hope does something cute, I can get it on the camera. I hope you enjoy yours.

  6. You and Bill are so funny - especially his Ho Ho Ho! Glad you had a fun Christmas and got lots of really nice (fun and practical!) presents!!

  7. Love the picture! I need to learn how to use photoshop...

  8. sounds like you were very good this year! enjoy the camera, seems fancy!

  9. That video is sooo sweet! And that pic of Nic is just awesome! Sounds like Santa was good to all of you :)

  10. That video was so cute!!

    And love the pic at the end. I so need a higher quality camera!

  11. I love the video and picture! What a great effect :-)