High Chair Review: Graco Blossom

I have to just rave about this high chair that I got for Nick a while back because when I was looking for high chairs, I had NO CLUE.

This is the Graco Blossom in Bombay. It says it is a 4 in 1. I think it is more like 3 in one - it can go on a seat as a booster, used as a high chair and used without the tray just pushed up to the table. The best feature, I think, is that the seat reclines! This means if Nick is having a bottle, I can put his seat back and it is perfect. The tray comes with a top that comes off for cleaning(which is necessary now almost everyday with finger food going on), and it is nicely cushioned and easy to wipe down. It is also on wheels and easy to move.

Pros: Reclines, wheels, plastic tray that comes off for washing, leather easy to clean padding, comfortable (I believe), 3 different settings (grows with your child!)
Cons: It does not fold up, it is $$$ at 179.99 (however use a 20% off coupon that comes out almost all the time!)

I totally recommend it.

In other news, last night I made the veggie lasanga for Christmas Eve dinner - I used whole wheat noodles with ricotta mixed with spinach and used cut up mushrooms as one of the layers after the tomato sauce. I have to take a picture tomorrow.

Today I made spanakopita - pretty easy but time consuming and a chocolate cake I'd been eyeing up on the 10x box. I think both turned out well - for tomorrow night!

need to brown it tomorrow!

one of the layers pre-icing:

cream cheese chocolate icing - mmm I think Angela K would love this!!

2 more days (really 1) till Christmas! Hope everyone has their shopping done!


  1. Mmm... Christmas dinner sounds great!

    Have a great holiday - and happy birthday!

  2. All the food sounds and looks delicious. I love spanakopita, spinach and feta, how could that go wrong? Hope you have a fabulous Christmas.

  3. YUM. i wish i cooked more when i see stuff like that! luckily i DO bake, and that cake looks scrumptious.

  4. The chocolate cake looks soooo good . . . hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Yummm!!

    Your kid is so freaking stinking cute! I wanna kiss his lil cheeks! I hope he has lots of fun at christmas! I can't wait to hear stories!!!!

    Merry Chirstmas!!