Bondi Band Review!


I had contacted Rebecca at Bondi Band to try out and review their bands after I saw them on other blogs and went to visit their site.

Bondi Band sells headbands for running and biking, swim caps, ponytail and pigtail hats, wraps, and wicking items. They have products for men and women, babies, toddlers and dogs!

The story
Around 5 years ago, Rebecca was visiting Bondi Beach in Australia (I've been there too!) and thought about making a headband out of bathing suit material. She returned home and tried it out and it worked! She made wide headbands to cover her bangs and ears for warmth and started wearing them around. People started asking where she got them, and she was making them for friends and family, so she decided to start selling them. As a runner, she looked for and found a good athletic material to use that stays put and wicks away the sweat. Her whole family helps in the making of the bands! I love this story! And now I understand where the name came from too!

The product
Rebecca sent me 2 headbands to try for myself, one that is floral pink and yellow and white, and one that is black with hot pink with the saying: "Run Like a Mother." My shoes have hot pink in them and I have a pair of black shorts with hot pink, so these both totally match my outfits :) I wore the black one out yesterday in the great weather. It kept my hair out of my face and wicked sweat. I felt stylish wearing it out running, and really liked it!

Nick also received a hat to try out! I think it is hilarious, he looks like a little gangster in it. Usually he rips hats off, but he wore this around the house :) They are cute to keep him warm.

These bands go for $8 which I think is a reasonable price. I like the fabric - they are made of lycra and feel good on your hair and skin. They are basically a piece of lycra fabric sewed together and say Bondi Band on the back. I feel that they would not be too complicated to make if you are a seamstress, but I lack in that field, so for $8, I would buy some of these bands! I think they would make a fun gift for a running friend too.

A very cool thing about Bondi Band is that 10% of proceeds go to Dana Farber Cancer Institute (I ran with them at Boston last year!) It is a company who gives back and I love that. Rebecca also sends tons of bands there every year for the patients.

Check out the site and score some Bondi Bands, and if you purchase 3, you can get a free water bottle! There are also other savings on promotional items - check here!

Also, just for you, readers:
Buy 3 get one free: ONE
Buy 5 for $25: FIVE

Shipping is only $3.95. What a deal!


  1. Thanks! I'm totally buying a couple now that my hair is short. LOVE the pictures of Nick, he's just so cute.

  2. nick looks so cute wearing it!!! seriously, these things are the best. didn't have one bead of sweat go into my eyes during sundays marathon and it was hot and I was dripping wet!

  3. i LOVE the patterms, i have a few bondi bands but they just don't look right on me! they always pop off my head too. i think my ears are too high for them. i still try to wear them tho bc i love bright and fun things!! they look really cute on you!

  4. I think I've seen them at expos, but have never tried them out. Thansk for the review!

  5. totally want one. my birthday is saturday. THIS IS A SIGN!!!!

  6. I bought the hat with the pony hole at my last half....love it!!!

  7. These are so cute!!! :-)

  8. I would love to get my hands on a bondi band or two!

  9. I love Bondi Band! Too cute that they make them for kids!

  10. bondi bands are my absolute favorite!!!!!!! i'm obsessed!! you guys look so adorable rocking your new bondi bands. You'll be hooked now. don't say i didn't warn you!

  11. Love Bondi Bands!

    Just a heads up, the ONE coupon code is for buy 3 get 1 free- not BOGO!

  12. I want one SO bad!!!!!! :) YOu guys are too cute!