Time & Weather

We have had a week of GORGEOUS weather. It has been awesome taking Nick to the park, going on runs outside, and sitting on the back deck. I don't want it to go away! I'm wearing one of the Bondi bands above - they came yesterday and I LOVE them! Stay tuned for a review!

Protein! I've been trying to be conscious of protein and brought back Kashi Go Lean for breakfast - with milk. It is best with almond milk - sweet taste! But skim milk gives an extra protein boost. It's funny that I had to have cheerios for the first 14 weeks or so of pregnancy but now I can go for oatmeal or kashi.

For lunch, I've been having sandwiches with spinach, cheese and hummus +nutritional yeast sauce grilled with olive oil. They have been tasty! For other protein sources, milk + protein powder has been helping at night, bean patties, and cheese. What other sources do you eat that are vegetarian?

I have been thinking about different times of day - the best time of day to run or when I feel the best, the time of day where all I want to do is jam cookies down my throat...the time of day when I feel the most relaxed, most tired, most energized... so I'll ask some questions to you:

What time of day do you feel you have the most productive runs?
For me, it is around 5pm at night. I feel like my energy is good and my legs are quick to warmup. Unfortunately, most of the time I run first thing in the morning or mid-morning and it takes a long time to warm up, and my speed isn't there as much as later in the day.

What time of day do you have cravings?
About an hour after dinner, all I want is sweets. I've been trying to make protein shakes at this time to avoid the call for sugar. It works sometimes!

I didn't make pancakes this morning - but I have a recipe I want to try - maybe later today!
With all the nice weather, I don't want to do anything inside!


  1. I love your new picture!

    Have you read Jillian Michaels "How to Master Your Metabolism"? You are already very health conscious and I think you would really love it. I just got through reading it and making some huge changes! I already feel much better.

  2. Nice new header pic!

    Love your band.

    I Like to run first thing in the morning and then right after work. I enjoy both times. I have a hard time just going anyother time. I am so used to my schedule!

  3. Love the band. Such pretty colors! i think I might have to get one because all of mine don't work really well and they're not as colorful and cute as the one you have on.

    I, too, love mid-afternoon runs. I love doing the runs in the morning just because it's out of the way and it is what works best but yes, my body really wants the afternoon runs. If I didn't have to worry abuot cooking dinner I'd be there all the time (until it gets too hot anyway).

    And something I started doing is having yogurt with honey and nuts at night; instead of ice cream. Surprisingly it actually works for me and keeps my sweet cravings at bay since the honey is so yummy :-)

  4. Love the new pic and the band. The band looks like buffs that we get here and I love mine - keep your head warm in winter (without overheating) or at start of run in spring and autumn and can be wrapped around arm when warmed up.

    So jealous of your lovely weather, although it was quite warm here yesterday and I was out running in just skirt and t-shirt yesterday for the first time (Have had to have full length tights underneath). Not really warm enough to sit out though unfortunately.

    Protien sources: all sorts of beans and lentils, Quinoa and Amaranth, Nuts, seeds and nut butters, Soya milk, Goat's milk and cheese, Sheep's cheese, Sheep's yoghurt, Tofu, Eggs. I think you have most of them covered however.

    Desperately hopingmy knees recover after yesterday's run and it is not the end of my pregnant running!


  5. Happy Sunday! This weather is amazing and I will be so sad too if it goes away. Some other great veggie sources of protein are eggs--I remember you eat eggs :), peanut butter, and beans! I am trying to experiment with some beans...but they are a pain to cook, unless you buy them in a can.
    The best time of day for me to run or exercise is usually in the morning, but my schedule doesn't allow me the time sadly...so evening has to suffice. AND CRAVINGS -- totally are terrible for me after lunch around 3pm...

  6. Mornings are always best for me to work out and evenings are always when I have cravings. And I always have cravings and I'm not even pregnant. Sigh.

  7. Spring is definitely here, isn't it?! Love the pic of you and Nick.

    My favorite time to run is right away in the morning. But, sometimes some of my best runs are at 4pm after school when I have some steam to blow, if you know what i mean! :)

  8. I love the picture of you and nick!! My best runs are in the AM as I can only have carbs/pb before I run. Cravings are definitely at night, an hour or two after dinner. I become the icecream monster.

  9. Cute, cute picture, and I love the Bondi band!
    Unfortunately, my cravings haven't gone away completely yet - I still want sweets in the afternoon, and I'm not even working out heavily yet! I hope they're not permanent :)

  10. I love how your header pics change with the seasons! Glad to hear that you are out enjoying the weather, it is just amazing.

  11. Our weather has been perfect too! I did not want to go inside at all! My husband and I sat on the deck for a long time yesterday and played outside with the kids. I love the spring :)

  12. Love the new header!!!

    The pic of you and Nick is adorable! I want your headband!!!

    YAY for nice weather!!!

  13. The site looks great! And thats a fantastic pic on your post. You caught the sparkle in Nicks eyes, thats awesome ;)

  14. I like the new banner pic!

    Awesome that you and Nick have been able to enjoy the weather. Spring is the best!

  15. Did you see the Pancake recipe on Heather Eats Almond Butter today? It looked awesome.

  16. I'm all about morning workouts. I'm in such a routine that I don't even think I could work out in the afternoon/evening. I just like being done and showered by then I think. :)

    I like almond milk too!

  17. i think my best workouts are in the morning provided i get a good nights sleep. and i crave things when i'm bored.

    love bondi bands!

  18. right after school was always my favorite time to run!! it was also my big craving time so it helped stave that off too.