Today was a big cooking day - baking too!

I made some Super Charge Me cookies - has anyone tried these? I have made them a few times and the mix never seems to have enough liquid so I always end up adding water. Any tips?

I also made some excellent chocolate chip cookies but I semi - ruined them by trying to make them healthier and using whole wheat flour.

If you use whole wheat flour in a recipe, do you decrease the amount if it called for white flour?

Have you used coconut oil in place of butter? Do you usually use less than the recipe calls for (with butter)?

To round out the baking, I made spinach and barley gratin (like last week's kale/barley) and black bean sliders with a new ingredient - I added in 1/4 c cooked bulgar! I think they taste the same but now it is a complete protein with grain + beans. :) You are probably thinking - is that all she can make? bean burgers? Pretty much!

I use my blender almost everyday, more than once a day and what happens is that I curse at it because it makes an annoying noise and kind of gets stuck. I wonder if the Vita-Mix does this. In my head I think it is the end all of all blenders.

What appliance do you wish you could trade in for something better?

Bob Dualie?
I'm reminded everyday of how lucky I am to spend my days with Nick. Today we tried to go to the park but the snow was still knee deep - no path. We hit up the library but Nick is only into using the chairs as walkers or taking the books off the shelves. Went for a little walk, I'm excited for warmer weather! I can't decide whether I should go for the Bob Revolution dualie or just a regular dualie stroller. I don't run w/ the Bob Ironman all that much, but whenever it was nice out and I felt like running, I'd have that option (with the dualie). What do you think? I would try to sell my one year old Ironman.

I got up to go swimming this morning after having trouble going to sleep (I get asthma when I'm pregnant for some reason and it is worst when I lie down). The swim was great but I was worthless for the morning. I had to lie down for a while while Nick was napping and tried to fall asleep for a bit. I wish I could have a straight 9-10 hours of sleep every night.

Here's Nick eating his lunch like a big boy: blueberries, strawberries, avocado, and a banana apple Avery pancake. Now I can't get him to drink milk with his meal but he'll drink it about an hour to hour and a half later in a more bottle looking sippy cup.

I decided to do Motivational Monday on my examiner site whenever I can find an inspiring local runner. I started with a Denise & a guy that I work with! Check it out here! Do you know an inspiring local runner? Feel free to send me info!


  1. the cookies look great!

    In general with coconut oil, I think you can use a smidge less than you would if using butter but it's really just an eyeball measurement and not an exact science...that was vague but that's how i do it :)

  2. Can't speak to the dulie strollers. I gave up on the single runner when I got pregnant again because the weight of it all was just to much for me. Then I thought about how much the weight of a dulie with a newborn and a toddler would be and I got mad, so no dulie for me.

    Let me know when you decide to get rid of the bob. I might be interested.

  3. ha ha, our library trips sound just like yours!

  4. My one year old definitely doesn't drink as much milk as he did when he was getting a bottle. I am always trying to get him to drink his sippy cup.

    I have a single BOB and I don't run with it a lot. I just prefer to run by myself so I get up at 5:30 to do so. Plus, I have the run out of the way for the day. I love BOB though...it is a great, easy to use, stroller. Again, can't speak for the dualie.

  5. Cute Nick pics! He's looking so grown-up.

  6. those cookies look fine to me!!! yum!

  7. I use whole wheat flour for everything, usually with equal ratio if not a little more than all-purpose. You may want to try beating the sugar, butter (if you're using butter), and eggs mixture for several minutes before adding everything else. Then don't over mix after you add the flour.

    As for running strollers I've heard rave reviews from friends with two for the Baby Jogger City Select: http://www.pishposhbaby.com/baby-jogger-city-select.html

  8. Another comment, have you tried Kate's butter? They have it at W.F. and unless you're going vegan I personally don't see the benefit of trying some other fat substitute. Especially if you're getting good fats from nuts, nut butters, etc. If cookies were your main meal then that would be another story ;)

  9. No advice on the baking - although I would be curious to hear how it does turn out :)
    Nick is wicked cute! You guys are troopers for putting up with all the snow! I hope spring is near for you!

  10. I've read that when you're substituting whole wheat flour, if you substitute more than 1/4 of the total flour, it'll change the taste. 1/4 or less and you won't, supposedly.

  11. You'll have to let me know which stroller you pick! I'd tend to pick the jogging stroller, but lord knows I barely used it for one kid and probably won't w/ two kids! I stopped using whole wheat flour b/c I really don't like the taste.

  12. ahhhh i love the pics of nick! he is soo cute!

  13. Nic looks adorable!!! I have not tired to make the cookies healthier with whole wheat flour, but it is a great idea!