Finally - beautiful weather!

Sunny weather = park!

This week looks like awesome weather - no rain! The last 4 days were horrendous, and my cousin's wedding was included in the terrible rain drenching weather - yuck. Today was our first nice day. Nick and I went to the park, played outside and went for a jog. So beautiful out!

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my goal 10 mile days (total for the day). I got out of bed and my knee hurt. This morning's run was not beautiful - on the treadmill. My knee was not a problem until the end of the day, but for the morning, I couldn't get above 6.0 mph and wasn't feeling it. It took me 1:05+ to finish 6 miles. I ran a few more miles on the treadmill later on that felt much better, and then went outside in the afternoon with the jogger and didn't want to stop running! It felt great. I finished the day with 11.2 miles, but I can't wait to get outside and run all my miles. I feel like they are more real.

With 5 months hitting tomorrow, I am slowing down both with swimming and running. I am much bigger than with Nick and I hope it tapers off, otherwise I can't imagine the final month how big I will be.

Eggs - Ever since making the switch to organic cage free eggs, I haven't been making as many frittatas or eating as many eggs!

Goal updates:

Food shopping - is going ok this month. With more and more organic food on my list, it is getting hard to stay under $350/month. The good thing is that I am more aware.

Veggies and fruit- I am doing much better getting them in. The barley/kale casserole has helped, portabellos, soup, and blueberries, grapefruits, bananas, and strawberries. I'm excited for when summer comes and all the berries are in season. They are my absolute favorite!

Bondi band sent me this funny hat for Nick - they are just getting ready to launch a new baby line. Yesterday he would not keep it on. Here he is on the way to go swimming this morning. He looks like a tough guy, doesn't he?

I'll try to do a 5 month post later this week!


  1. That is so cute!!! I am loving the weather right now! I am so ready for spring :-)

  2. This weather is amazing... seems we're all soaking it up! Hope you can enjoy most of your miles outdoors!

  3. I love Love LOVE the Bondi Band on Nick - and the expression on his face is just priceless!!


  4. awww! nick is adorable!!!

    i'm loving this weather too except we are expecting some snow this weekend! GAHHHH!!!!!! i hope the weather man is wrong!!

    i need to get with it and order a bondi band ive been DIEING for one! :)

  5. I'm buying more organic as well. I'm looking forward to a garden this summer so I can save a ton of money. I've also cut out sugar and white flour. I'm making everything from scratch.

    Cute picture! It looks like you are holding onto his arm to keep him still, lol....I know the feeling!

  6. Too cute!!!

    Loving the warm weather as well! I think we're going to be outside for three straight days; all day long!

  7. Congrats on getting that kind of mileage at 5 months. You are doing great!

    And Nick looks adorable in that hat. Other kids won't mess with him looking like that.

  8. omg...nick looks like he has such an attitude wearing that hat. too cute!!

    how about this weather. i can't believe i'm stuck here at work!

  9. I can't believe that you spend less than 350 at the grocery! That is amazing. My husband has this thing with having tons of food in the house so I would be afraid to try that experiment.

  10. i am soo enjoying the milder temps. much better than all the snow and 20*!!

    10+ miles on tuesdays and thursdays - love it! hope you get all your miles in today :)