Grocery Store, questions, & pregnancy

I went to the store the first two days of March so far! I'm hoping I can avoid it now for at least a few weeks. In my mind, my goal is: How long can I last without going to the store? (but sometimes I get bored and want to try new things so I go food shopping to find them). I'm going to try not to do that! I started repeating dinners from last week and it is getting boring and I need some new ideas. Monday was spinach and barley gratin which was stringy and didn't compare to the kale (but Nick was a big fan), last night Eggplant Bake. Bill wasn't into it and ate PB & J : ) Too much eggplant bake!
What are some of your go-to/quick/easy recipes?

I've been looking into my next step or what I can do while I'm home to advance my career instead of doing nothing! To be an adjunct in math, I need a Masters in math - my masters is in Education. I can't decide if it is worth the time and money to do another masters or what other route I could go. If I did this, I would advance my salary when I do go back to teaching, and have the option of teaching college in the future, but I'm just unsure of the time and money commitment right now. I know that what I really miss and want to be doing is teaching - grading papers, interacting with kids! And it seems there are no education jobs out there to be had.

I had a doctor appointment last night and everything looked good. I have been concerned, if not disgusted by my weight gain so far as compared to last time. Turns out, I started 6 lbs higher than when I was pregnant in the beginning with Nick and I've gained 2 more pounds than where I was last time by 20 weeks, so add them together = 8 more pounds on my body, which is why I feel disgusting and huge. Ugh. I can't wait to figure out a way to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight in a few months. Too bad it is going to be even harder with 2 kids!
One thing that stinks is that while teaching, I was standing up all day plus traveling 3 flights of stairs several times a day. Now I am mostly sitting on the floor playing with Nick and have an all access pass to the food in the house. I totally need a routine to get back into healthy habits!
Another stinko thing is that I was hoping I'd be more in awe at the whole process of the body that it creates a baby, but instead I just feel fat and frustrated.

Lizzie tipped me off to this pudding recipe - whoa! Not a good idea for me to make this, but good thing it does not make a huge amount of it. Good stuff!

Chocado Coconut Pudding
I used:
1/2 avocado (all that I had on hand)
2 T. agave
1/4 c almond butter
1 tsp vanilla
1 T. coconut oil
1/2 c water
2 T. ground flax
1 T. coconut
2 T. cocoa powder

Food process and you are done!

If you click the link from the original - it looks so much better. Working on those photography skills.

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  1. aw, sorry you feel bad about the weight but i bet you look adorable. probably doesn't help that it's been hard to get outside with all the snow. it feels like spring is on it's way, though...

  2. Routine can be so key, especially with being active. Things are very different for you now that you are home with a little one and another one on the way. Here's to hoping you find a good balance! :)

  3. Try not to worry too much about your weight right now... I'm no expect, but you're growing a baby in there!

    Good luck with the education/career choices. Sometimes I wonder what I want to do post-children... because I don't think I can see myself where I am now for 40 more working years!

  4. Almost forgot, go-to dinners:

    pita pizzas

    grilled chicken/salad/hummus pitas/wraps

    chicken fajitas

  5. make turkey chili and freeze it than you always have some on hand

  6. Don't judge yourself so harshly for the weight gain. I think most women gain slightly more with each pregnancy just because your body is different now than it was before your first child.

    You're healthy and active, and the baby is healthy, and that's what's most important! The pounds will come off eventually!

  7. Don't feel bad about the weight hun. You are a great mom and have one perfect little boy and another baby on the way! its all worth it and you will eventually get rid of it!

  8. Oh! That pudding looks great :)
    I wouldn't worry about your weight too much...just think about how much the baby inside you is enjoying all the yummy healthy food! It will all come off eventually...you never know...2 kids will definitely keep you busy and you will probably be running around more!