So, on Friday morning I went swimming. I talked to a few of the girls that I swim with - one in her 50s  or 60s who has done a handful of triathlons and one in her 30s who I know has done them. There's a bunch of swimmers who do tris. I told them I was nervous about the open water and getting mangled and drowning or something like that and they made me feel better mostly by telling me I am a strong swimmer (and they've seen me swim) and that I could get out in the front. Now I'm not so sure about getting out in the front, I feel like I will linger behind until I can get my own space, but we'll see. Anyway, that night I signed up for the Philly tri and the pool swim one (actually outdoor) that I was looking at. Philly tri = so expensive, I feel like I got ripped off, but I can't really travel, and my sister is doing it also. So there ya go. 2 tris lined up.

Yesterday I did a 5 mile race about 10 minutes away. Oh the feeling of not being in top shape running in the cold - like you can't breath and your throat is going to close up! My first mile was about 8:02.  The next one maybe 8:15-8:30. I held an 8:30 average pace so I did slow down. It was a challenging hilly course and I was hoping for a 45 given my recent performances (but secretly wondering if I could pull off a 40:00. I ended up with 42:20 or something like that.  I was happy with it. Races are so addicting. I'm just dying to get back into shape and actually be able to *RACE* but don't want to put in the time.  I've decided the rest of this month I do whatever I want and don't count my miles. Then, starting January 1, kick it into high gear and work on speed and the triathlon training. 
Goals for 2011 are getting my speed back and finishing the triathlons!   I started today moving over to the fast lane and getting a** whooped. I'll swim with them either once a week or all the time so that I can get back into swimming shape. I'm thinking maybe yoga, pilates, strength in the place of running, maybe.  I'm not sure if I should run when I feel like it or at least try to obtain a minimum mileage each week (that might be against the point though).

Here's what the first half of 2011 is looking like:

early March- MAYBE - Wilmington 1/2
end of March - OD 10 miler
April mid - 5k Butterfly Run
end of April - pool swim triathlon - weird distance
May 1 - Broad Street Run
June 26 - Philly Triathlon - oly distance

May need to add in a few more runs!!


  1. Congrats on signing up for your first tri(s)! Looks like a good start for 2011.

  2. Looks great! What made you decide to do Philly, after all?

    If you're looking for more running stuff, there's that Odyssey half in Philly sometime in May.

  3. And she becomes a triathlete! Cool. :)

  4. a triathlete pro at that!!! :) :)

  5. Looks like a great 2011 so far! And congrats on the 5 miler... your speed will come back faster than you think! You're still so zippy!

  6. Those are some very attainable goals for you - and I got this quizzical look on my face when you mentioned 'getting back into shape' - considering you just had a baby and you're juggling a bunch of things, I reckon you're in amazing shape!! I wouldn't mind trying to the Broad St run - it looks like a good time!

  7. my goal is to get into the pool at least once a week starting in the new year. swimming is what i lack motivation for...maybe we should do a relay tri...

  8. Yeah - well done on clicking that button - it will be such a great motivator having your sis do the race too.

    Well done on the 5 miler. Shorter fast races are HARD - you feel like you've had your lungs cleaned out with a wire brush!!!!!

    You are doing sooo well. It is hard juggling it all and I only have the one wee nipper - God only knows how you manage with 2!!!!

    Let yourself have your time off so you can hit Jan with renewed energy! I'm hoping come Jan I'll be a bit more fixed too!


  9. Yayyy for taking the plunge and signing up! 2011 will be awesome for you! Can't wait to follow along! ;)

  10. I feel like I need to decide on some races for 2011...but I can't!