Best of 2011

It has been a great year and we are very blessed!  A happy and healthy 2011 to everyone. A rundown of the year:
Highlight - Kara joins our family
January 2010 - Tell Friends and Family #2 is on the way

February 2010 -Nick turns 1 and faceplants his cake

March 2010 - left Nick overnight for the first time for my cousin's wedding

March 2010 - Ocean Drive 10 miler -freezing

April 2010 - Family 5k!

April 2010 - Florida - Nick's first plane ride at 14 months

May 2010 - Broad Street in 90+ weather. Yikes

June & early July 2010 - visiting Ocean City very pregnant
July 15 - Kara is born! It's a girl!
Bill's 30th b'day

August 10 - Kara's first trip to OC!

Sept 10 - PDR  - I'm not in shape!

October 10 - Nick's first trick or treating!

November '10 -Philly 1/2 - had a fun day!
Dec '10 - Kara's first Christmas - Nick's first fun Christmas. We had a blast!
It's been a great year!

Running: I had to cut back from running and missed about 4 weeks while pregnant with Kara this year.  I scaled it down alot and in the last month took a big break! My yearly mileage is on a downward trend as I get into swimming and triathlon.

2010: 1186.3
2009: 1645.5 miles ran
2008: 1748.4 miles ran

Best recipes that I've found and used

Humnut Sauce - Mae: 2 T hummus + 1 T nutritional yeast + water = great sauce to dip veggies and everything!

Gluten Free/Vegan Pancakes -  Averie's recipe - very versatile

Protein Pancakes - inspired by Sarena
1/2 c ground oats
2 T peanut butter
1-2 T protein powder
1 T maple syrup
1/4 to 1/2 c almond milk/milk of choice
1 T flax
 Mix it all together and  let it sit 5 min - cook as pancakes! yum yum!

Hemp Fudge
- Sarena's recipe

Maple Nut Oaties/ Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies - HEAB and Angela - any combination of oats, nuts and maple syrup. My favorite is the nuts ground in the food processor + ground oats + maple syrup till it sticks together = NUT BALLS.

Black bean sliders
: I make this once a week usually.

Best products that I've purchased

Bondi Band - not just for running. I wear them almost everyday because I seem to have grown some weird bangs with the help of motherhood. My favorite one was RUN LIKE A MOTHER. But I lost in training for the half this summer :( I bought some new ones at the expo and my current favorite is a patterned one seen in the Halloween pic.

Amazing Grass Chocolate Superfood - I have this on subscribe and save on amazon and get it once a month. I use it for "hemp fudge" and as a dip for pancakes with coconut oil. I really like it!

VITAMIX!!!  to make nut butter, smoothies and everything in between!

Trader Joe's Hemp Protein Powder and Trader Joe's peanut butter, creamy with salt! : ) 

Run the fastest half marathon that I can!
Actually run with the running group that I joined - make running a group thing
Speed workouts

What were your "BEST OFs" for 2010?  Something that you can't live without that you discovered or favorite things to cook or bake?


  1. What a great year you had! I'm sure 2011 will bring you lots of happiness.

  2. eee! what a wonderful year!! :)

  3. Fab year! And great recap. I ran about as many miles as you in 2010. The latter months averaged about 30 each though due to pregnancy. I don't know how you do it! Amazing! Good luck w/your 2011 goals!

  4. What an amazing year Natalie! :) Cheers to 2011!

  5. 2010 was pretty amazing - but I can't wait to see what you and you're cute little family has in store for 2011! Happy New Year girlie!

  6. Love this post!! Thanks for putting all your favorite recipes in one post - I am definitely marking this and it makes me want to try them all :) Also love the pics - you have had one intense year woman! I just now realized you had Kara when Nick was only 1 - yikes! (realizing my girl just turned 1...) Your family (and you!) are beautiful.