birthday shirts

If you'd like to share your advice, I'm looking at a birthday shirt for Nick and I can't decide if it should have his name or "birthday boy" with the number 2. I would want him to be able to wear it more than once, and the "birthday boy" might be silly? but his name on it might invite strangers to call him by name. Maybe just getting the number is the way to go?

Here are the two shirts that I'm looking at (on etsy):
I really like the raglan.


  1. I like the Raglan one too. Like you said...he could easily wear it again! Plus, I'm a sucker for baseball shirts on boys :-)

  2. I agree, the shirt with the number as opposed to "birthday boy" will be much more wearable - and it's cute, too!

  3. I love number shirts! they are so cute & popular! i say thats my voite!

  4. I love Etsy!!! :)

    I say go with the number shirts. I know a couple of kids who have shirts with their names on and it's not an issue, but the fact that you thought that far ahead might mean that you're not really keen on it. I hate that that even needs to be thought about! :(

    Happy New Year!

  5. I just love Etsy!! I got Emma a polka-dot Elmo dress on there for her Elmo turns 2 party! I vote for the raglan one too!!

  6. I love stuff on etsy. Did you decide on a shirt yet? I picked up one on clearance at Kohls a couple months before Ethan's birthday this year and it says 'birthday boy'. Of course with no number. My husband had him dressed in it a few times after his birthday ;-)