workouts; running skirt; 5 months

I'm kind of enjoying the lack of pressure to run alot of miles and do what I feel like. It gives me time to have some variety and also the miles that I run aren't junk miles. It has me questioning whether I should do shorter races next year and not have the added time commitment of long runs for marathon training. I guess time will tell - I have time to decide this, as I'm planning on waiting until the fall to do a marathon. I want to be in top shape if I do a marathon in the fall and really get my time down, so I have to be all in if I decide to sign up  - please remind me of this come the spring/summer!

Yesterday, following Nancy's advice, I did a 15 minute jog warmup, then superset #1 of lifting. Hopped back on the treadmill for about 10 minutes, then superset #2. Then back on the treadmill for 10 minutes, a few abs and 5 more minutes running. The running miles were at a good pace, and it felt good. I ran out time at the end and would have liked to do more abs. 

Wednesday before swimming = no coffee. It was a decent workout. Today I had coffee and it wasn't as good as Monday - somehow I was on FIRE on Monday, but it was still good. I think I'm just getting back into shape and I can work hard and go fast.  I loved reading what everyone else does with coffee and experiences. My goal is going to be to try it out before shorter races and swimming whenever I have time.
I was on runningskirts and noticed skirts on sale so decided to get one for myself and my sister. It was my first order there, and they don't show the pictures of the ones on sale!! This is called aquatreuse. Huge risk here picking a color and when I googled it I was really nervous about the puke color on the sides. I googled it after I decided to get one for my brother's girlfriend too who just started running. I was like CRAP!!! I picked out the ugliest skirt ever as gifts! Turns out it's more like a neon green and isn't too bad.  Why not put the pictures on the site?!! That was kind of annoying.
 I'm unsure of this thing though. The uncertainty comes from the brief.   I feel like many of you have running skirts so I will ask you:

What about chafing? Do you have one? What has your experience been?  Maybe the sports skirts might have been the way to go. Stay tuned - I'll let you know how it goes when it isn't 20 degrees out and I can wear it.. maybe in May... : ) If we all like them it will be cute if we ever do a race together and match. Now I just have to get a matching shirt. Or maybe white or black would do.

Kara turned 5 months this week - I can't believe how quickly that went.  Around 4 months I think, I was able to lose all of the 'Kara' weight. Now I'm working on the 'Nick' weight that was still around after he was born and when I got pregnant w/ Kara. I feel I was about 2 lbs away around 4 months after Nick and then started gaining weight. I have to be careful not to overdo it, my biggest thing is NUTS and making nut balls (nuts + maple syrup + sometimes coconut oil).  Such a yummy snack.

5 months!
Nick brainwashed by Thomas on TV holding Kara's hand
I love helping to mold the sibling relationship, hope they will be the best of friends!


  1. I'm glad it the workout worked for you! I have lovingly coined my legs...tree trunk legs...which I am blaming on bad genes and being a catcher for 13 years so the tiny shorts are sewn into running skirts leave me very uncomfortable. I have started wearing compression shorts under the skirts and it works awesome! I'm a huge skirt fan since running shorts just don't work for me!

    Oh thought I would let you know that today is National Maple Syrup Day...since I know what a big fan you are! Way to go on the weight loss!

  2. aw, love the pic of them together. is she wearing leg warmers? :-)

    i'm glad you're enjoying the stress free running plan. i bet that's all you need to get you back into the swing of things and find the distance right for you!!

  3. Oh my gosh, Kara is so cute! And the picture of both kids together is adorable. :)

    I have a Skirt Sports running skirt that comes with a pair of liner shorts and I LOVE IT. Will be ordering more soon. I don't have any chafing issues, but when I ran in regular shorts, I always pre-empted that potential problem with Body Glide.

  4. Wow, I can't beleive Kara is 5 months old already. My daughter was born only a day or so after Nick. Seeing how awesome you're doing with teo little ones so close together gives me hope for my next one.

    And OMG, those pink leg warmers are too cute.

  5. Wow, she is 5 months already. I can't believe it. And that is great about getting the baby weight off so quickly. I had heard that the baby weight with #2 is harder to get off, so you give me hope.

  6. I love the colors on the running skirt! I think that is really cute. I have never worn a running skirt, so i can't comment on what it is like to wear one.

    If you don't feel like doing a marathon in the fall, you could always focus on getting speedy at the half marathon distance. If my hip cooperates, my goal for 2011 is to see how fast I can race 13.1 miles. I think it will be a fun challenge.

  7. I totally agree about the skirt website. I picked out a skirt for Christmas and didn't know what they looked like! I guessed as to what it looks like, so we'll see if it's ugly on Christmas.

  8. I don't have a training plan at the moment, but I'm so going to try that out! I'm stale at the gym, thanks!
    BODY GLIDE baby! That will help with the chffing, and you will just have to let it ride! I like the color, it's unusal!

  9. Haven't really seriously done the skirt thing yet, but maybe next year?

    Yay for 5-month birthday!

    I am on a break from training right now and also love not having the pressure. I think I've run 17 miles this week without much psychological torment. ;) Too bad I have a marathon in March. I'm already behind in training but figure I can make up for it in Jan-Mar. =D

  10. I think you'll be happy with your running decisions! I LOVE my running skirt, but umm, can't wear it now because I've gained too much weight LOL. Then again, I'm not running right now either! I never had issues with chafing with it because mine had a nice tight shorts underneath. You will love it!

  11. The skirt I got is called BlackPool. So I am guessing the main skirt is black and then the top and sides are like a teal blue. We'll see! :)

  12. I "heart" running skirts!!!! I own about 7 of these (obviously different colors!) and I love them. I don't wear shorts anymore. Never had any issues with them. The only thing they don't protect against is running over subway grates (which resulted in an unintentional Marilyn Monroe moment for passing drivers - oops!). I love the side pockets too.
    Those leg warmers . . SO cute!!

  13. You've got the cutest kids ever. It does just fly by doesn't it? I found it much easier the second time around to lose the weight. I was more relaxed because I knew it would come off and was much more content with my role as mom...I just didn't stress about it. You're doing great!

  14. I love my running skirts (I use the brief style from running skirts.com also). I was very wary of them... but after my first run in them a few years ago I never looked back. They've been the only thing I run in (weather permitting) since!

  15. gahhhhh your kids are cute! kara is growing like a little weed!

  16. I was going to review one of their skirts and they never sent it to me. :( I'll be anxious to hear if you like it. I actually like the color, but would stick with black or white on top! :)

    The kids are adorable!

  17. Gorgeous pics!

    I got a running skirt for pregnancy running as it had a bump support. It had shorts attached underneath so that prevented any chaffing. Love Lizzie's air vent mo'! v funny! Not sure I would buy a normal one as I'm so small that I usually en up wearing kids kit and I think it woul slip own an trip me up - even with the preggers one I ha to wait until bump really big before I ha to stop hitching it up!

    Well done on weight loss.


  18. I love the running skirts as well (ran the last 2 Bostons in them), but I wear the ones with the shorts underneath. I look forward to your review of the ones with the briefs- I have been too much of a wimp to try them!