Goals 2011 and software

Ok - I realized on the software, the training center is where I was and it was TERRIBLE! You have to download software for the cool thing and once I figured that part out, it made sense. I knew something was wrong!!

I've been thinking about my 2011 goals. I've also been thinking about how I like the no pressure of meeting a mileage goal each week, so I might continue my running break as long as I feel like it. I'm in the midst of deciding where to go from here running wise, but I do have running goals, so I just have to decide when to start getting serious again.

My goals - 2011 - running
I am going to focus on short distances.  I'll decide in the summer whether or not I will do a fall marathon. It's addictive, I want to do it and I want to break 4 hours. A goal is also to qualify for Boston and run it again but probably not in 2011.

5k  - sub 22 (current PR is 23:14)
10k -
break 47 (current PR is 47:47)
10 miles -
I'll be happy with a 1:18. (1:18 is my PR)
13.1 -
break 1:45. Current PR is 1:53. I didn't get a chance to do a half the spring I was in top shape.

Next challenge is to figure out how to get there. If anyone would like to give me some training ideas or help guide my training or give advice, let me know. I'd love to hear it. Perhaps I'll seek out a coach and go from there. I have to make sure I'm 100% committed to my goals - I'm putting them here for accountability!  What are your goals for 2011? 

Planned races (thanks Bethany) to hit all those distances:
March - Ocean Drive 10 miler
April - pool swim triathlon & 5k
May - Broad Street!! 10 miler, Kennett 10k
June - Philly Oly Distance Tri
September - Philly half
Possibly a fall marathon


  1. Those are awesome goals!! For me, i always get faster after doing 800s or mile repeats. Do you have specific races planned? fun! good luck!

  2. Speed training is the clear answer to these- it is all about getting in quality miles rather than quality miles. I ran Boston last year averaging under 40 miles a week, running 1:44 at the half (a half PR go figure that felt easy) and then 3:36 for the final time. I did not kill myself with miles, but every mile had a purpose. With your busy life, this might be a good approach as well, knowing that some miles are for recovery and some are to make you work! You will achieve these goals, and I look forward to seeing you do it!

  3. Oops quality rather than quantity!

  4. Goal - run a marathon this year. Yeah!

  5. :) looks like a great plan for 2011!!

  6. If you can get under 22 for a 5K then (with proper training) you should be able to get under 47 in a 10K and closer to 1:43 in a half. :)

  7. If you're not 100% committed to your goals, a coach might be the last little push you need - and it's not a bad thing. I don't see mine that often, unless there is a big goal approaching, but she's available if I need her, leaves me a really good structured plan of workouts and strength (that's also flexible) and is a real encourager, especially on the days/races where I didn't do as well as I had hoped. She's also not that expensive.
    Those goals sound absolutely reachable and it also sounds like you're excited about them - yay!

  8. Hopefully we'll get to meet up at Ocean Drive. So far my only goal for 2011 is to make it to that marathon start healthy :)

  9. We have seriously similar goals for 2011!

    5K - my PR is 22:35
    10K: my PR is 47:59
    HM: my PR is 1:44:48

    Let's do it!!!

  10. oh did you sign up for philly tri. on my to do list today is to sign up for a tri. i have to just pull the trigger!

  11. awesome goals!!! definitely get on the speed work to get faster, it really helps!

  12. Those are great goals! I look forward to hearing how it all comes together (and it will!!!) And yay for the tri!

  13. That's quite a lineup you have planned. Your goals sound very attainable, I'm excited to hear how it goes.

    You might want to take a look at the HANSON S.O.S plan. I've been of fan of it for years, and I saw the December issue of Runners World has an article about it too. Yasso 800's are also great for the shorter distances.

  14. Great goals!
    I'm a fan of hills because they are both speed and resistance training in disguise. You get a lot of bang for your buck w/hills and as a mom of two, you need that :-)