Christmas early

Today I was going for an outside run and saw the package come in the mail from a company that piqued my interest - the only thing I really wanted was a Garmin this year so I did some research and knew Bill got me it - oops, such a party pooper! I tried it out today - the 405, and it's awesome! Too bad I was going so damn slow that I was getting mad seeing my pace, ugh! I am looking forward to using it and getting speedy again hopefully soon!   What did you ask for this holiday season?

This week I finished out with only 14 miles. As hard as I am trying not to track my mileage or care, that seems so low!  My body is tired from switching it up this week and I definitely felt it in my legs. After sprinting the 5 miler on Sunday and pushing myself, I went on to swim with the faster lane people this week all 3 days. I also did yoga and lifted so every muscle in my body just feels sore. I don't even feel like I worked it THAT hard but I guess all of the different muscle groups were woken up again!

Running so slowly today has got me nervous and wondering how I'll get some speed going come January.  I hope to make the speed sessions with the running club weekly - what else can I do for speed?

Recipes - have you seen this list of runner recipes? Great recipes - top 100 listed here! 

The second Galloway video below- have you used this method? It just gets me excited to see Disney world in the background.

Description: Proper running and walking form is essential to reduce the risk of injury.  The Jeff Galloway method teaches runners to stay upright, maintain a short stride and eliminate bounce.   


  1. you saw your christmas gift?!? party pooper! my boyfriend hates surprises and can always name each packages contents & when i bought it. it makes me cranky. I love surprises and not knowing what im getting!!

  2. Woohoo on the new Garmin! Great gift!

    Try throwing in some "strides" on your regular runs. Just 100m of all out fast running, a few times throughout the run. They are short enough not to tire you out overall, and will teach your legs to start turning over quickly again. Concdntrate on your form when you do them.

  3. i do love my garmin! i have the 305 (kinda huge but gets the job done). what a great present!

  4. Glad your snooping led to a fun gift! And nice work on the swimming this week. I think getting to the pool is the hardest to fit in.

  5. I bought myself the Garmin 405 this summer and absolutely love it, good choice!