Birthday party time!

The party was so much fun! Here are some eats and decor from the big day. Nick is two today! Happy Birthday to my lil guy!

happy birthday baby boy!

party spread

close up of the cars and "2" graham crackers. I used tahini in place of PB

vegan chocolate cake
This turned out really well
cake before decorating

white bean hummus
chicken breaded w/ carrot, butternut squash, flax and breadcrumbs

To make this, I had my mom cut up chicken cubes and then we dipped them in one egg, about 1/2 cup milk and 2 veggie cubes of butternut squash puree (Kara eats this now) all mixed together and 1 veggie cube of carrot. Then we dipped that in equal amounts (say 1/2 c each) of a mixture of whole wheat breadcrumbs and flax seed and pan fried it.

each box car decor
macaroons and brownies

made into 2s
Nick was pumped about this cake!
Nick eating
close up of the engine
cake centerpiece
blowing out the candle
lots of fun toys!

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Everything turned out great. At the last minute I was thinking everything was maybe too healthy but that is how I wanted it to be. The cake was the trial #3 complete with full fat/sugar icing (just never had the time to try out a better recipe). Then I made a chocolate cake for some of the cars because I started feeling like the cake was not going to be that good for people that don't want/like healthy cake. The chocolate cake was vegan and I cut out alot of sugar since the icing was so sweet. It was very easy too.  The cars had tons of icing and sweets on top - pirouline cookies, pretzels, m & m's, reeses, licorice. It was fun to decorate the train.  My mom and mother in law helped with the engine which became Thomas at the last minute. The face was not all that great but Nick didn't mind!

For food we had child friendly finger foods:
veggies and dip
pita chips and white bean hummus
chicken and honey mustard
tomato pie - store bought
cheese and crackers
graham crackers

German Chocolate Cake - vegan adapted from Raising Vegetarian Children
1 c sugar
1 1/2 c white flour
1 1/4 c whole wheat flour
3/4 c cocoa
2 tsp baking soda
2 c water
1/4 c agave nectar
6 T coconut oil
2 T apple cider vinegar
2 tsp vanilla

Heat oven to 350. Mix all dry ingredients and add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients. Mix well. Let it sit about 15-20 minutes. Spray an 8 x 8 pan. Bake for 30 minutes.

**thank you Kate and Angela for the great child friendly healthy recipes!
I recently found Kate's blog and LOVE it!!  Check it out!

Your pictures and fotos in a slideshow on MySpace, eBay, Facebook or your website!view all pictures of this slideshow


  1. ooh, could you please post the recipe for the chicken?

  2. Awww!!! Happy happy birthday nick!!! He is getting so old! It seems like just yesterday you had him! I cant believe i've been reading your blog for atleast 2 years if not 3! :)

  3. the chicken sounds good! recipe??

  4. AW! Happy Birthday Nick! Great party mom :)

  5. Everything looks great! Love the trains :-)


  6. Happy Birthday Nick! I can't believe I have been following you even longer! Very cool! Looks like you did an awesome job on everything...as usual ;) Enjoy your week!
    I'll email you this week, been super busy, but alas, no news :(

  7. He looks so happy! :) Great job momma... the cake looks great too!

  8. everything looks great! wow, that is SO much food!! What is the tomato pie? It looks really good too.

  9. I happened upon your blog via Bitten by the Running Bug. My name is Natalie, I have two kids (boy and girl) that are 18 months apart, am a runner, am a (mostly) vegetarian, and had a train party for my son's 2nd birthday (http://hankstown.blogspot.com/2009/04/choo-choo-wes-is-2.html). Funny!

    I love your healthy style! Just thought I'd say hello. :)

  10. Spooky re: Natalie! Such a strange world!

    Nick is such a lucky boy to have such an inventive mummy. Everything looks amazing. Well done.

  11. aww the party looks like fun, I love that you feed your kids so healthy!Thanks for trying my recipes :) I am definitely trying that cake it looks soo good.

  12. That cake looks amazing!! And it does look like Thomas (seriously - all of my friends' sons have been Thomas-mad at some point! :)). Loved all the food ideas. Think I am going to try out that breaded chicken one. Happy Birthday Nick and congrats to his super mama!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK! Wow, you really do go all out! The party looks amazing!!!

  14. Happy belated b-day to Nick! Looks like a great party!

  15. The train cake is so awesome. You make me look pretty bad ... I ordered a store bought Dora cake for Brooke's 2nd birthday. (But, she still plays with the Dora figurine that was on top ... every single day!)

    Happy (belated) birthday Nick!!!!!

  16. Echo on the request for the chicken nugget recipe - my kids love nuggets but hate veggies, so I'd like to sneak it into them somehow.

    Awesome looking spread, & even more fantastic that a lot of it is super-healthy!

  17. How cute! Ilove how you made everything so colorful and detailed. I wish I could reach through the computer to try some of those desserts. They look delicious.

  18. It looks like a great party!!! Nick is so cute!!! I am going to have to try that chicken recipe...maybe I can sneak in more veggies that way!