CSN review coming up!

Thank you for all of your feedback and nice words on Nick's party. It was a great time! : ) 

It is time to review some products from CSN stores. They carry everything from modern office furniture to children's bedding and toys.  One of the items that they carry is little mini train toys that I used as favors for the kid's buckets for Nick's party.  

I have been keeping my eye out for sale bedding and furniture for Nick and Kara. Right now, Kara's room is a modified office and all of her clothes are in a closet with shelves and a hanging part. When we move (someday), she'll need some furniture and bedding. Nick needs big boy bedding but he's still in his crib and probably will be for as long as possible or at least until we move. His crib is a convertible one that turns into a bed and I keep forgetting that - has anyone else used one of those?

Speaking of Nick, he had his 2-year old appointment today and the doctor asked him what his favorite food is. He thought about it and said "spinach." Hahaha! Totally out of nowhere. He never eats straight up spinach so I was cracking up!


  1. nick is scoring points for you already!

  2. that's hilarious about the spinach :-)

  3. I WISH my either of kids' favorite was spinach! I do sneak it in smoothies and they love those, though!

    I think your question of "when does it get easier" has so much to do with the personality of your kids. But definitely, once they can play together, you will have so much more free time! Seriously, the older they get, the more it feels like I'm raising twins (and people often ask if they are twins). It's so fun when they play together and get along. Granted, there's still a lot of refereeing that goes on, but when there's nothing like it when they're imagining and pretending together. You'll get there! :)

    Also, I'm training for the Boston Marathon this April (hankstown.blogspot.com) and I'd love any tips or advice you have. I'm kind of in a rut right now.

  4. Kids really say the funniest of things. Great to see Kara sitting in the birthday pics. Murray is doing the same now and it is soooo cute!

  5. Ok, I don't feel so behind now. I thought Emily should be out of her crib by this point. She hasn't tried to breakout yet, so I want to keep her in there as long as possible. We have one of those convertible cribs too. We'll just take off the front rail to turn it into a toddler bed whenthe time comes. Later on we'll by a new mattress and use the panels for the head/foot boards.

    That's too funny Nick said spinach. Good work momma!

  6. How cute! Em will eat spinach in smoothies but calls it "Mommy's salad" otherwise and won't touch it!

  7. spinach! that's great!! not many kids would say that!

  8. Great work on the party!

    We converted Zach's crib to a bed and he loves it. And for some reason he never gets out of it on his own which is just fantastic.

    I wish Zach would answer that question with spinach. No doubt he would answer chicken nuggets. That's all he ever wants to eat.

  9. bahaha what a little ham! :) a good eater too!!!!!