Doctor visit & weight

Whoaaa - not the best weekend ever! After that 10 mile run, I was basically sitting around the rest of the day wiped out. Then I woke up on Sunday morning and felt nauseous and had no appetite. I think yesterday that I ate a smoothie, tea and 2 pieces of toast and that was it. Today I am feeling a little bit better and have been able to eat little things here and there, but still, not much. I finally went to the doctor. I hadn't been there since.... 2006. 5 years ago when I was stressed out with my job at the time and got bronchitis. I don't do well under stress.  I got an antiobiotic and prescription to do bloodwork. Hopefully I'm seriously on the road to recovery. I haven't been very good about taking alot of days in a row off and I'm sure that hasn't helped. I took off last Thursday and Friday then ran hard on Saturday. Then I took off Sunday and today. I might take off tomorrow in hopes this will all go away - but it is killer doing this. I know that I don't need a hard hill workout though. I plan to get back in the pool on Wednesday. It will be a week by then.  I just can't wait to get back into my routine and train hard!

My doctor told me I look run down and tired (basically look like crap) and my weight right now is the same as when I was a junior in college. It's actually my ideal weight - 128 - on any of the things that I type in for my height.  I don't go on the scale much anymore.  I can tell by how my clothes fit and how I feel if I am in the right place.  I feel pretty good now -I don't feel too skinny but I can tell that losing any more than a few more pounds might make my face look sunken in.  I'm not actively counting calories or anything like that, and I think being sick has really contributed to losing weight.  My lowest weight in college was 121. It was after coming home from Italy and eating a vegan diet. It was not a healthy time for me mind/body.  I can't decide if I looked too skinny - I was definitely not eating enough and walking alot (being in Italy) but I felt pretty good about my weight/look at the time.  Now I feel like I am eating healthy foods, not depriving myself, and training moderate to hard.  I'm not really sure what my best racing weight would be.   I did like RunBlondie's post on weight. Check that out. What is your healthiest weight? How do you determine it? 

 Nick woke up and said he wanted cookies for breakfast... so I made him oatmeal protein "cookies" aka pancakes that looked somewhat like cookies because I baked them in the toaster oven.  I put 3 together to make a heart shape.  Did you eat anything special for Valentines Day? Bill and I aren't big on it and refuse to go out to dinner Valentines weekend but may take a date night next weekend.

possibly the most mean big brother?
won't sit with Kara, takes her toys and hits her in the head : (

Nick and I did a few Valentines last week but any ideas for Valentine themed crafts for this afternoon or later in the week?


  1. Sorry to hear that you're still feeling so sick, but it was probably good to see the dr then. Stress is one of the biggest factors in weakening an immune system, so if you feel stressed and rundown, that is probably contributing to the longevity of this bug you caught.

    As far as weight goes, I think that as long as you feel good, have enough energy, fit into your clothes and fall within a dr's "normal" weight range, then that's all that matters. Personally, I've never invested much of my emotional energy in thinking about my weight; I've never struggled with it, and have always been within a healthy range, so that's good enough for me. Numbers on a scale can tell a story, but not the entire story.

  2. oh,no, that's not good you got that sick! did your doctor say you had a sinus infection or are you just run down? feel better soon!

    The picture of Kara with her bib is so cute!

  3. You may just have to bite the bullet and not workout for a week to let your body recover. To make sure you're still getting time out could you get out for a walk so at least your gently moving your body, getting fresh air and time out to help with the cabin fever.

    Please, please love your wonderful, beautiful body that fully functions and (once over your bug) lets you run like a demon! The number on the scales is not always all that important!

  4. Feel better! I have also been pretty sick but am trying to work through it. Really wish the circumstances were different so I could have gotten the rest I need, though! Good job on the weight and going by intuition.

  5. In agree that the # on the scale doesn't tell the full story. you are healthy, exercising, and eating right - it makes sense that you're going to feel good. At 7 months preggo I'm at my heaviest weight ever and I'm actually feeling really good. I keep thinking about what will happen with my weight once I have the baby, but I really just want to focus on staying healthy and active. That's sooo much easier than worrying about a number. Btw, you look great in all the pics you post.

  6. Glad you went to the doc... it's hard to do sometimes, but you made the right choice!

    Those kids are too cute! Kara is getting so big! :)

    And we don't do anything special for valentine's day... just another day for us!

  7. I ditto comments made about the weight #. I feel like I am in the best shape I have ever been in quite a while. But our bodies change over the years... I was a little chunky in college and weigh about the same now.
    Feel better soon. Resting, although feels painful, can go a long way towards recovery.
    PS - no big V Day plans here. Hubby on call tonight :-(

  8. does your change in diet have anything to do with how you've been feeling? if you're training harder maybe you're not eating enough?? hope another day of rest fixes you up.

  9. Hey, thanks for the shout out! I'm glad I was able to generate some meaningful discussion. As if it's not difficult enough dealing with society's view of an ideal weight, as athletes we have to consider what's best for performance too. It's a lot think about.

    This is one of those times when you want the doctor to find something wrong, just so you can start feeling better. Maybe it's something like a vitamin or mineral deficiency? That would be an easy fix. Hope you feel beter soon!

  10. I'm sorry that you are feeling sick! I also think you should bit the bullet and take a week to recover. Your body will thank you in the end!

    I have always struggled with numbers on the scale. I spent a good time of my life between 115-120 but I know I had a VERY unhealthy relationship with food. Now I am struggling to get back to my wedding weight, 130. I felt great then and knew my hubby thought so too.

  11. I'm sorry your sick but your at your ideal weight! i'm happy for you natalie- thats great! :) your kids look SO cute on vday!!! :)

  12. Your kids are ADORABLE!! Sorry you're still sick, hope you start to feel better soon! This weekend is supposed to be beautiful so maybe the spring-like weather will improve your health a bit :) We made heart shaped pizzas and grilled cheeses for v-day, yum!

  13. We also don't do Valentine's Day either. The first year we spent it together, we decided to go to the Italian part of the city - with no reservation. Ha! 2 1/2 hours later we were still wandering around in the falling snow looking for a place to get in. So ever since then we keep it low key. This year he made a really nice pasta dish with shrimp at home. Perfect!

    Hope you're feeling better! Keep in mind that anything flu related can stick around for awhile. I was sick last month and am still having chest issues when swimming and running.