Dinner #3 and congestion

First of all, I can't kick whatever is going on - I am all congested and very run down. I went to bed at 9 last night and didn't get up until after 7, not even to pump (or workout) like I do every day!  I might have to finally go see a doctor. It seemed like it was going away and then hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday and I just felt very exhausted most of the day. Once 6pm hit I really wanted to go to sleep.  I've been taking mucinex but tried sudafed today. Along with that, having my smoothie w/ spinach, blueberries, echinacea, banana and orange. What gives?? I was even getting to bed earlier since last week. I can't take it anymore!! Missed the run this morning - where I was considering doing a hard workout with a faster group (didn't happen!) and I don't think I'm going to be getting in any running today based on how I feel. Ahhhhhhh.

Regardless, the dinner streak continues and last night's dinner was worth sharing.

Tofu with peanut coconut curry with grilled veggies & brown rice on the side.

First prepare the rice or grain according to package directions. We had brown jasmine rice on the side.

Slice the tofu and sprinkle with salt, pepper and curry powder. Pan fry with coconut or olive oil over medium heat - about 8-10 minutes per side. The longer you keep it on, the more brown and crispy it gets.   Set aside.

For the veggies - (mine were leftovers from veggies and dip tray - carrots, cauliflower, peppers, broccoli) cut up a bunch of vegetables and place in a big roasting pan. Drizzle with olive oil and minced garlic. Cook at 450 for about 30 minutes until tender.

For the sauce - combine 1 T coconut oil with 2 T peanut butter (runny, Trader Joe's works best) and about 1 tsp curry powder.  Melt the coconut oil and mix all together. Drizzle over veggies and tofu.

And swimmers - check out my sister's blog.  She is pretty hilarious and acquired my mom's love of sweets.


  1. I know this is going to sound like an ad - but I swear it's not!! I used to have a lot of problems with sinus infections. I ended up having sinus surgery - but even after that, I felt congested a lot. Then a doctor told me about sinus irrigation.

    Anytime I start to get a cold or feel stuffy, I use my irrigator (http://tiny.cc/1uuye) to clear out my sinuses. Basically, it's this little machine that gently pumps a saline solution through your sinuses and out your nose. It doesn't hurt and there's no medication involved. (I make my own saline with salt, baking soda and water.) It helps bring out the mucus that's deep inside your sinuses.

    There are also "low-tech" (yet still effective!) versions of this that you can find at any drug store - either a) a Neti pot or b) a little bottle of nasal saline (often sold under the brand name "Ocean"). I highly recommend giving it a try!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I hope you feel better! I'm sure you probably know this, but I have read that things like Sudafed will dry up your milk supply, so just a word of caution if you are trying to keep your supply up! Good luck.

  3. sounds like the doc might be in order. don't worry passing up the workout for rest, sounds like you need it. feel better soon.

  4. i've been super under the weather too...since christmas. it SUCKS. but good to listen to your body and sleep. i need that too.

  5. Sorry you still aren't feeling well :-(

  6. Sorry to hear that it's still lingering! A visit to the dr couldn't hurt!

  7. We cant even get Sudafed around here without a fight. I guess they use it to make meth? Too bad, that stuff is fantastic.

    Sorry you arent feeling well - I'd definitely go see a doc!

  8. :( I'd definitely get to the doc! Maybe an antibiotic can help kick it!

  9. All of your dinners look so yummy! I've never tried tofu before though. Is it more of a slippery rubbery texture or is it more like chicken? (i have weird texture issues...ha). Hope you are starting to feel better!