Polenta cakes and goals for the week

To make up for the lack of cooking the entire week last week, I cooked a bit on Saturday. I made Kate's polenta cakes and added a spinach sauce, and served them with lentil burgers and chick peas. 
 My spinach sauce was 1 T butter + 1/2 c almond milk + 1/4 c grated Parmesan. I melted the butter, added the milk and cheese, then put them in the vitamix with 1.5 cups fresh spinach. The "sauce" was tasty - to me!

the lentils

polenta cakes with the sun coming in!

mushrooms and pan fried chick peas

spinach sauce

lentil burgers and polenta

 I thought this was yummy. I served this with apricot chicken and had my parents and sister over tonight.

My sister was home for the weekend. I love it when she comes home and wish she lived nearby.  We swam on Saturday and I always feel like I'm doing well swimming until I swim with her! Then I feel slow. It was a good workout - she's super speedy and I was tired the rest of the day.  Today we did a 10 mile hilly run around my parent's house. It was a great run - good pace (9:23) and I felt like I could run for at least 5 more miles.  I need to get a few 12+ runs in during the next few weekends, and also, HELLO! I need to get in more than 18 miles a week (my last 3 weeks!)  It's been rough being sick or run down and not getting my mileage up there. I have a half marathon (or 10 miler, leaning towards the half - signed up for 2 things on the same day) in about a month, so I need to get myself together here!  I am going to try to get back in the game this week without overdoing it. 

What are your goals for this week?


  1. Goals for the week - get in 3 good runs before my 5K on Saturday. 2 with my running buddies and 1 solo hill race. I miss swimming when I read your posts. Cannot wait until April so I can swim again :-)

  2. The mushrooms and chick peas look so good!

    ahh, I was just thinking about NOT having any goals this week lol.....I'm fighting the feeling of being burned out on everything. maybe that's because I only have 6 weeks left to my due date or maybe I've been at my sewing machine too long and still have more projects to complete!

  3. That all looks really good. I wish I had your ambition in the kitchen. We had stir fry - AGAIN.

  4. Good luck with this week's goals!

  5. love the new banner pic!!

    i just mentioned to andy last night that i haven't made polenta in a while. was going to do it next wknd.

    my goal for the week...get through this last hard week of training then it's cut back time!

  6. How green is that spinach - must be organic! Looks good!
    Goals: throw off another cold - ta murray! What is with the illnesses as a new mum! My turn to be frustrated!Uggh!