the milk switch & great starts

Now that Nick is two, the doctor said to give him whatever we are drinking. I am so used to giving him 2 sippy cups of milk that I still feel like I should give him this daily. What do you give your kids to drink? I have made the switch to 2% but we drink skim milk and mostly water.

A great start to today: First, swimming was awesome. I worked really hard and decided to hop in the medium fast lane with my buddies instead of the faster lane that I've been swimming in. There is a speedy guy that likes to take extra rest in the medium fast lane but lately he has been coming more and getting back in shape so that he needs less rest. I would guess he's in his mid 40s so he is in good shape for leading the lane. We did a nice workout and seriously my arms hurt by the time I was out of the shower after the workout.  3600 yards in an hour and 10.

For breakfast, I was inspired by Heather's avocado week. Last week Bill bought 4 ripe avocados and I really haven't been feeling them. I made 2 batches of Heather's hot chocolate soup to use up an avocado. Nick LOVED it and it was a great dip for PB oatmeal protein pancakes.

peanut butter protein pancakes:
1/2 c ground oats
1 tsp maple syrup
1 T almond butter
1/4 - 1/2 c almond milk/milk
1-2 T hemp protein powder
1 T flax or chia seeds
+/or apple sauce for apple pie pancakes

hot chocolate soup

pancakes, dip and a green smoothie

This is my kitchen mid breakfast. Yikes

What is your favorite "great start" (breakfast, workout, whatever you like to do) to the morning?


  1. that's how my kitchen has been looking lately lol

    Ethan has never been a big milk drinker once I weaned him. He would be lucky to get in 3 oz a milk a day and most days it wasn't even that. However, he is a big cheese eater and eats it pretty much daily. I'm sure he is getting his calcium from all the cheese he eats so I'm not worried about that. The only thing about having them drink milk is to get the calcium (that's what my MIL says, she's our Ped). So if you don't give Nick much cheese, yogurt or other ways to get calcium then you can flavor up his milk to get him to drink it. You can add a tad bit of vanilla extract and some stevia or honey. I got that trick from a friend who says it gets her child to drinking his milk. I tried it with Ethan and he liked it the first day, but after that wasn't interested. If none of that works for you then I'm sure there is a childrens calcium supplement available at the health food store. I just give Ethan his multi vitamin which has calcium in it as well. So between that and the cheese I don't worry about it.

  2. Love the new layout! I had trouble loading the old one...

  3. Baker drinks the skim milk that we buy for ourselves. I LOVE not having to buy two kinds!

  4. OMG, you are a swim goddess!!! seriously....send some of that yardage my way!

  5. Im a big fan of smoothies! mmmm

  6. Coffee (lots of it) and porridge for me.

    Cairn still loves milk, but is also drinking water and dilluted juice.

  7. Em still drinks whole milk but she only really has it in the morning. The rest of the day she drinks water and green monster shakes from time to time.

    My best morning start would be a long run followed by a green monster. Just makes me feel so light and healthy!

    My v-day ideas for kids came from the blog salsainchina.blogspot.com. She had a cute idea for hair clips made out of felt and magnets for boys that were shaped like rockets. I had Em make a painting for the hubs...she made a bunch of hand prints in the shape of a heart and I wrote I and you on it!